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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting How to get df output into MySQL using bash? Post 302435966 by radoulov on Thursday 8th of July 2010 04:54:38 PM
Old 07-08-2010
You could try something like this:

- assuming a table structure like this:

create table df (
  hostname varchar(50),
  filesystem varchar(100),
  blocks int,
  used int,
  available int,
  capacity varchar(4),
  mounted varchar(100),
  ts timestamp default current_timestamp 

- assuming paths with no white space characters:

df -Pk | awk 'NR > 1 { 
  $1 = $1; printf "insert into df values ( \47%s\47,", h 
  for (i = 0; ++i <=NF;)
    printf "\47%s\47,", $i
  print " current_timestamp );"     
  }' OFS=, h="$(hostname)" | 
  mysql -u <username> -p<password> <db_name>

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mysqmail-postfix-logger(8)				      System Manager's Manual					mysqmail-postfix-logger(8)

mysqmail-postfix-logger - logs smtp traffic to a mysql database SYNOPSIS
mysqmail-postfix-logger subprogram [ args ... ] DESCRIPTION
mysqmail-postfix-logger reads the syslog using tail -F and for each lines, does an action in a selected table in the selected mysql server (configuration done using /etc/mysqmail.conf). All messages that have been delivered are marqued as so in the from and in the to field of the smtp traffic table. mysqmail-postfix-logger uses a table corresponding to this one: CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS smtp_logs ( id int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment, newmsg_id bigint(20) default NULL, bounce_qp int(11) default NULL, bytes int(11) NOT NULL default '0', sender_user varchar(128) NOT NULL default '', sender_domain varchar(128) NOT NULL default '', delivery_id bigint(20) default NULL, delivery_user varchar(128) NOT NULL default '', delivery_domain varchar(128) NOT NULL default '', delivery_success enum('yes','no') NOT NULL default 'no', time_stamp timestamp(14) NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (id), UNIQUE KEY bounce_qp (bounce_qp), UNIQUE KEY newmsg_id (newmsg_id), KEY sender_domain (sender_domain), KEY delivery_domain (delivery_domain) ) TYPE=MyISAM; VERSION
This documentation describes mysqmail-postfix-logger version 0.1.4. See for updates. SEE ALSO
syslog(3), logger(8) mysqmail-postfix-logger(8)

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