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Special Forums UNIX and Linux Applications Stop samba from querying trusted domain servers Post 302435119 by mph on Tuesday 6th of July 2010 11:44:22 AM
It's not listing from all the domains. It IS trying to reach the other controllers. The problem is that there's no route to some of the servers and others there's no route back to the machine. Doing a tcpdump yields the following

From my samba machine in the DMZ to, and back from, the local AD server:
10:45:01.170297 IP > tcp 0
10:45:01.170434 IP > tcp 1188
To other AD servers with insufficient routing:
10:47:00.154323 IP > tcp 99
10:47:10.462745 IP > 10.x.xx.223 tcp 99
There are 5 or so more remote AD servers from other domains that never come back for due to routing. During the time that it's attempting to query or connect with these servers file listings and such "hang" until the the local machine gives up.

Using the allow trusted domains = no parameter DOES limit the connection attempts to once every half an hour or so. Before that, it would try almost every time a directory listing or anything else that needed to tie a user name to an UID was attempted. It's not the fix, but it SURE helped.

The routing is something that will not be fixed. The other domains need not access nor communicate with our DMZ.
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uux(1c) 																   uux(1c)

       uux - unix to unix command execution

       uux [-] command-string

       The  command gathers 0 or more files from various systems, executes a command on a specified system, and sends standard output to a file on
       a specified system.

       The command-string is made up of one or more arguments that look like a shell command line, except that the command and file names  may	be
       prefixed by system-name!.  A null system-name is interpreted as the local system.

       File names may be one of the following:

       o    A pathname

       o    A pathname preceded by ~xxx, where xxx is a userid on the specified system and is replaced by that user's login directory

       o    Any other syntax that is prefixed by the current directory.

       For  example,  the  following  command  line  gets  the f1 files from the usg and pwba machines, executes a command and puts the results in
       f1.diff in the local directory.
       uux "!diff usg!/usr/dan/f1 pwba!/a4/dan/f1 > !f1.diff"

       When using special shell characters such as <>'!, you should either quote the entire command-string, or you should quote the special  char-
       acters as individual arguments.

       The  command  attempts  to  get all files to the execution system.  If both the file and command are located on different remote sites, the
       file is first brought to the local system and is then transferred to the execution system.

       If you want to include files as arguments to a command, but you do not want those files to be processed by enclose the filename	in  paren-
       theses.	For example:
       uux a!uucp b!/usr/file (c!/usr/file)
       The  previous  example  sends  a  command  to  system The is transferred from system to the local system, and then is passed to system When
       arrives at system the command executes and sends to system

       If the request is not allowed on the remote system, the command notifies you.  This response is sent through remote mail  from  the  remote

       -c, -l
	  Do not copy local file to the spool directory for transfer to the remote machine.  This is the default.

	  Specifies  the  grade which is a single letter or number from 0 to 9, A to Z, or a to z.  The highest grade is 0, the lowest grade is z.
	  The default is A.  Lower grades should be specified for high-volume jobs, such as news.

       -n Sends no notification to user.

       -p, -
	  Reads stdin.

       -r Queues the job, but does not start the file transfer.

	  Produces debugging output on stdout.	The debug option is a number between 0 and 9.  Higher numbers provide more  detailed  information.
	  Debugging is permitted only for those users with read access to

       -z Notify the user if the command fails.

       An installation may limit the list of commands executable on behalf of an incoming request from Typically, a restricted site permits little
       other than the receipt of mail through

       Only the first command of a shell pipeline may have a system-name!.  All other commands are executed on the system of the first command.

       The use of the shell metacharacter asterisk (*) shell metacharacter may not behave as you expect.  The shell tokens (<<	>>) are not imple-

       You are not notified when execution on a remote machine is denied.  Only commands listed in on the remote system are executed at the remote

       /usr/spool/uucp	   spool directory
       /usr/lib/uucp/*	   other data and programs

See Also
       "Uucp Implementation Description" ULTRIX Supplementary Documents Vol. III: System Manager


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