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Originally Posted by amitranjansahu
for myuser in  `cat /etc/passwd | cut -d ':' -f1`;
some work on the user in $myuser

That was exactly what I wanted.
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EDUSERS(1)                                                    General Commands Manual                                                   EDUSERS(1)

edusers - edit users list created by package SYNOPSIS
edusers [system [version]] DESCRIPTION
This command lets you safely edit the users list created by the package command. It locks the file before launching the editor, hence pro- tecting against any concurrent update by some package command that could arrive at the same time (by e-mail). The level of protection this locking buys you depends on the locking policy you have configured in your ~/.mailagent. If you are within a package source tree, all you need to say is edusers to edit the users file for that package. In order for that particular feature to work properly, the package must have been placed under dist control, or at least the packinit command from the dist package must have been run. Otherwise, you may specify a system name, and optionally a version number if that is not enough to disambiguate. Using '-' will get you the lattest version available. In any case, there must be a proper setting of the distribs file to use this command. If that file is not accurate, the package command will not be able to produce a users file anyway. ENVIRONMENT
The editor is taken out of the EDITOR variable if defined, then from the VISUAL variable, defaulting to /usr/ae if none of the variables is set. FILES
~/.mailagent configuration file for mailagent. Spool/distribs distribution list, same file as the one used for mailpatch. System/.package file created by dist's packinit command to indicate the root of the source tree for that package. System/users list of users of that system. Log/agentlog mailagent's log file. AUTHOR
Raphael Manfredi <> SEE ALSO
mailagent(1), metaconfig(1), package(1), packinit(1). EDUSERS(1)

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