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Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers fatal: Read from socket failed: Connection reset by peer Post 302424414 by iamnew2solaris on Tuesday 25th of May 2010 07:30:39 AM
Old 05-25-2010
fatal: Read from socket failed: Connection reset by peer

I get this error when I log in through console:
"fatal: Read from socket failed: Connection reset by peer".

Can you tell me what this is and why it happens, and how to stop it? Thank you.

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POE::Component::Server::SimpleHTTP::Connection(3pm)	User Contributed Perl Documentation    POE::Component::Server::SimpleHTTP::Connection(3pm)

POE::Component::Server::SimpleHTTP::Connection - Stores connection information for SimpleHTTP SYNOPSIS
use POE::Component::Server::SimpleHTTP::Connection; my $connection = POE::Component::Server::SimpleHTTP::Connection->new( $socket ); # Print some stuff print $connection->remote_port; DESCRIPTION
This module simply holds some information from a SimpleHTTP connection. METHODS my $connection = POE::Component::Server::SimpleHTTP::Connection->new( $socket ); $connection->remote_ip(); # Returns remote ip in dotted quad format ( ) $connection->remote_port(); # Returns remote port $connection->remote_addr(); # Returns true remote address, consult the L<Socket> POD $connection->local_addr(); # Returns true local address, same as above $connection->local_ip(); # Returns local ip in dotted quad format ( ) $connection->local_port(); # Returns local port $connection->dead(); # Returns a boolean value whether the socket is closed or not $connection->ssl(); # Returns a boolean value whether the socket is SSLified or not $connection->sslcipher(); # Returns the SSL Cipher type or undef if not SSL $connection->ID(); # unique ID of this connection EXPORT Nothing. SEE ALSO
POE::Component::Server::SimpleHTTP, POE::Component::Server::SimpleHTTP::Response AUTHOR
Apocalypse <> Chris "BinGOs" Williams <> COPYRIGHT AND LICENSE
Copyright X Apocalypse and Chris Williams This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. perl v5.14.2 2011-12-28 POE::Component::Server::SimpleHTTP::Connection(3pm)

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