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Full Discussion: Netdump client for FC12
Top Forums UNIX for Advanced & Expert Users Netdump client for FC12 Post 302420181 by linuxgeek on Tuesday 11th of May 2010 01:51:46 AM
Old 05-11-2010
Netdump client for FC12

Hi Folks,

Do we have netdump client for Fedora 12 ?

I have downloaded a netdump-server package for the my netdump-server but can't find
netdump client for my FC12 client.

When I installed it via yum, it says

[root@x6270-b1.sys.intra sysconfig]# yum install netdump
Loaded plugins: fastestmirror, presto, security, verify
Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile
Setting up Install Process
No package netdump available.
Nothing to do

Anyone knows what packages is it..or is it same the netsump-server itself as a client ?
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NETDUMP-SERVER(8)						  System Programs						 NETDUMP-SERVER(8)

netdump-server - handle crash dumps over the network SYNOPSIS
netdump-server [--port portnumber] [--concurrent number] [--pidfile path] [--daemon] [--help] [--usage] DESCRIPTION
Listens to the network for clients that crashes and uses the netdump protocol to recieve a memory dump and a stack trace. The memory dump and oops message are stored in a timestamped directory in /var/crash. The server can also run scripts when some events happen. OPTIONS
--port portnumber Specifies the IP port number for the netdump server to listen to. The default is 6666. --concurrent number You can limit the amount of concurrent dumps being done at any one time. If more clients than the specified maximum connects at one time the last ones will just be logged and then rebooted. --pidfile path Store a pidfile. The default service uses /var/run/ The default is not to write a pidfile. --daemon ttywatch should background itself and run as a daemon. EXAMPLES
netdump-server --daemon This launches the netdump-server and puts it in the background, listening for crashed clients. EXIT STATUS
Exit status is 0 for a clean exit and non-0 for a non-clean exit. FILES
/etc/netdump.conf A configuration file read by netdump-server on startup. It is a "key=value" style file. Currently it supports the options: port, max_concurrent_dumps, daemon and pidfile. /etc/init.d/netdump-server An init script to start a default system installation of netdump-server. This is normally turned off by default; use the command /sbin/chkconfig netdump-server on to enable the netdump-server service. /var/crash The main directory where the crash dump files are stored. Each dump is put in a subdirectory named with the ip of the crashed machine and the date and time of the crash. /var/crash/scripts This directory can contain scripts that are run at various times. They all get passed the ip of the crashing machine as the first argument, and each one except netdump-start gets the directory that the dump is written into as the second argument. netdump-start - This is called when a client connects to the server to tell it that it has just started the netdump client. This normally means that the machine just booted up. netdump-crash - This is run when a client reports that it has crashed. If it returns a non-zero value the dump request will be ignored and the client will be told to reboot immediately netdump-nospace - This is run when there is not enough diskspace for the dump of the crashed machine. If this script exits with a non-zero return value netdump-server will try once again (but only once) before giving up the dump. If this script exits with a zero return value, netdump-server will reboot the client without performing a dump. netdump-reboot - This is run when netdump-server is finished with a client and is about to tell the client to reboot itself. SEE ALSO
netdump(8) BUGS
Report any bugs you find to AUTHOR
Alexander Larsson <> Linux 14 Feb 2002 NETDUMP-SERVER(8)

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