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Operating Systems AIX IBM AIX on IBM Eseries & x series server Post 302416629 by zxmaus on Tuesday 27th of April 2010 07:33:05 AM
Old 04-27-2010

AIX need - amongst other things - power cpus to work - neither e- nor x servies have power cpus - so no AIX won't work.

Kind regards
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euctoibmj(1)							   User Commands						      euctoibmj(1)

euctoibmj, ibmjtoeuc - Code conversion between Japanese EUC and IBM-Japanese SYNOPSIS
euctoibmj [-t] [-u code] [-U] [filename...] ibmjtoeuc [-u code] [-U] [filename...] AVAILABILITY
euctoibmj converts the contents of the specified filenames from ASCII/ Japanese EUC to EBCDIC/IBM-Japanese. ibmjtoeuc converts the con- tents of the specified filenames from EBCDIC/IBM-Japanese to ASCII/ Japanese EUC. The both commands write the resultant code to stdout. If filename is not given, input characters are read from the standard input. For Japanese language handling, the euctoibmj/ibmjtoeucj pair of commands provide conversion only between the two code standards. Code con- version among Japanese EUC, JIS, and PC kanji are supported by another set of commands, jistoeuc(1) family or iconv(1). OPTIONS
-u code With this option specified, characters in one code set that do not have corresponding characters in the other are mapped to the code given in four-digit hexadecimal HOST CODE of IBM Japanese (for euctoibmj) or in four-digit JIS Ku-Ten code (for ibmjtoeuc). Without this option, such characters are mapped to HOST CODE 4040 (for euctoibmj) or JIS Ku-Ten code 0101 (for ibmjtoeuc). -U The output is not buffered (The default is buffered output). -t With this option specified, euctoibmj translates Half-Size Katakana (Code Set 2) in Japanese EUC to the corresponding characters in Code Set 1 prior to conversion. Without this option, Code Set 2 characters in Japanese EUC are processed to the illegal charac- ter. ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES
The environment variables LC_CTYPE and LANG control the character classification throughout these commands. For euctoibmj and ibmjtoeuc to work correctly, one or both of the environment variables must be set to ja or an equivalent locale. On entry to these commands, these envi- ronment variables are checked in the following order: LC_CTYPE and LANG. When a valid value is found, remaining environment variables for character classification are ignored. FILES
/usr/lib/jcodetables/ibmj-euc Code conversion table for IBM Japanese. SEE ALSO
iconv(1), jistoeuc(1), iconv_ja(5) DIAGNOSTICS
unexpected data encountered in input. Illegal character code is found in input file. BUGS
The ASCII/EBCDIC conversion table are taken from the 256 character standard in the CACM Nov, 1968. The conversion, while less blessed as a standard, corresponds better to certain IBM print train convertions. There is no universal solution. The Japanese EUC/IBM Japanese conversion table is based on the IBM Kanji codebook (4th edition - September 1987), JIS X 0201, and JIS X 0208-1983. If JIS X 0212 caracter set is specified as input, euctoibmj can not support the conversion correctly. SunOS 5.10 10 Jan 2003 euctoibmj(1)

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