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Operating Systems HP-UX Start SAM in TUI from CDE session Post 302415846 by on Friday 23rd of April 2010 12:59:31 PM
Old 04-23-2010
NOTE: The smh command is available only in HP-UX 11i v3 February 2007 release and later.
The procedures in this section are applicable to HP-UX 11i v3 systems. In HP-UX 11i v1 and
HP-UX 11i v2 systems, the sam command remains the primary interface.

Starting HP SMH GUI
Follow this procedure to open the HP SMH GUI using the smh command:
1. Log in to the system.
2. Set the DISPLAY environment variable.
3. At the command prompt, enter sam or smh.
The application opens in the default web browser.

Follow this procedure to open the HP SMH GUI using a web browser:
1. Open a web browser.
2. In the address bar, enter the complete host name and the port number, for example,
3. Log in to HP SMH GUI by entering your user name and password.

Starting HP SMH TUI
Follow this procedure to open the HP SMH TUI:
1. Log in to the system.
2. At the command prompt, enter sam or smh.
The SMH TUI opens.

Text-based HP SMH supports only the C (English) locale. HP recommends that you set your
locale variables, such as LANG and LC_ALL, to C. Most functional areas in web-based HP SMH
support multi-byte locales.

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GIT-WEB--BROWSE(1)						    Git Manual							GIT-WEB--BROWSE(1)

git-web--browse - Git helper script to launch a web browser SYNOPSIS
git web--browse [OPTIONS] URL/FILE ... DESCRIPTION
This script tries, as much as possible, to display the URLs and FILEs that are passed as arguments, as HTML pages in new tabs on an already opened web browser. The following browsers (or commands) are currently supported: o firefox (this is the default under X Window when not using KDE) o iceweasel o seamonkey o iceape o chromium (also supported as chromium-browser) o google-chrome (also supported as chrome) o konqueror (this is the default under KDE, see Note about konqueror below) o opera o w3m (this is the default outside graphical environments) o elinks o links o lynx o dillo o open (this is the default under Mac OS X GUI) o start (this is the default under MinGW) o cygstart (this is the default under Cygwin) o xdg-open Custom commands may also be specified. OPTIONS
-b <browser>, --browser=<browser> Use the specified browser. It must be in the list of supported browsers. -t <browser>, --tool=<browser> Same as above. -c <conf.var>, --config=<conf.var> CONF.VAR is looked up in the Git config files. If it's set, then its value specifies the browser that should be used. CONFIGURATION VARIABLES
CONF.VAR (from -c option) and web.browser The web browser can be specified using a configuration variable passed with the -c (or --config) command-line option, or the web.browser configuration variable if the former is not used. browser.<tool>.path You can explicitly provide a full path to your preferred browser by setting the configuration variable browser.<tool>.path. For example, you can configure the absolute path to firefox by setting browser.firefox.path. Otherwise, git web--browse assumes the tool is available in PATH. browser.<tool>.cmd When the browser, specified by options or configuration variables, is not among the supported ones, then the corresponding browser.<tool>.cmd configuration variable will be looked up. If this variable exists then git web--browse will treat the specified tool as a custom command and will use a shell eval to run the command with the URLs passed as arguments. NOTE ABOUT KONQUEROR
When konqueror is specified by a command-line option or a configuration variable, we launch kfmclient to try to open the HTML man page on an already opened konqueror in a new tab if possible. For consistency, we also try such a trick if browser.konqueror.path is set to something like A_PATH_TO/konqueror. That means we will try to launch A_PATH_TO/kfmclient instead. If you really want to use konqueror, then you can use something like the following: [web] browser = konq [browser "konq"] cmd = A_PATH_TO/konqueror Note about git-config --global Note that these configuration variables should probably be set using the --global flag, for example like this: $ git config --global web.browser firefox as they are probably more user specific than repository specific. See git-config(1) for more information about this. GIT
Part of the git(1) suite Git 2.17.1 10/05/2018 GIT-WEB--BROWSE(1)

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