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Full Discussion: text based football game?
Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers text based football game? Post 302415385 by RTM on Thursday 22nd of April 2010 12:32:36 PM
Old 04-22-2010
Not sure it's what you want or not...

Bygfoot Football Manager

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DM.CONF(5)                                                    BSD File Formats Manual                                                   DM.CONF(5)

dm.conf -- dungeon master configuration file DESCRIPTION
The dm.conf file is the configuration file for the dm(8) program. It consists of lines beginning with one of three keywords, badtty, game, and time. All other lines are ignored. Any tty listed after the keyword badtty may not have games played on it. Entries consist of two white-space separated fields: the string badtty and the ttyname as returned by ttyname(3). For example, to keep the uucp dialout, ``tty19'', from being used for games, the entry would be: badtty /dev/tty19 Any day/hour combination listed after the keyword time will disallow games during those hours. Entries consist of four white-space separated fields: the string time, the unabbreviated day of the week and the beginning and ending time of a period of the day when games may not be played. The time fields are in a 0 based, 24-hour clock. For example, the following entry allows games playing before 8AM and after 5PM on Mondays: time Monday 8 17 Any game listed after the keyword game will set parameters for a specific game. Entries consist of five white-space separated fields: the keyword game, the name of a game, the highest system load average at which the game may be played, the maximum users allowed if the game is to be played, and the priority at which the game is to be run. Any of these fields may start with a non-numeric character, resulting in no game limitation or priority based on that field. The game default controls the settings for any game not otherwise listed, and must be the last game entry in the file. Priorities may not be negative. For example, the following entries limits the game ``hack'' to running only when the system has 10 or less users and a load aver- age of 5 or less; all other games may be run any time the system has 15 or less users. game hack 5 10 * game default * 15 * FILES
/etc/dm.conf The dm(8) configuration file. SEE ALSO
setpriority(2), ttyname(3), dm(8) BSD May 31, 1993 BSD

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