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Operating Systems Solaris Removing "Failed none for" error messages from sshd logs files Post 302414947 by akakim3 on Wednesday 21st of April 2010 11:18:47 AM
Old 04-21-2010
"failed none for" error in syslog

I was wondering if Mr. Webster was able to resolve his problem with the "failed none for" messages filling syslog everytime someone successfully authenticates. I'm having the same issue.
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syslog_evm.conf(4)					     Kernel Interfaces Manual						syslog_evm.conf(4)

syslog_evm.conf - EVM syslog subscription configuration file SYNOPSIS
facility.priority DESCRIPTION
The syslog_evm.conf file is a text file that specifies what syslog messages will be forwarded from the syslog daemon to the Event Manager, EVM,in the form of EVM events. Those syslog messages are posted to the EVM daemon evmd by syslogd if the syslogd forwarding function is turned on with the -e flag. Events are posted with the EVM name of sys.unix.syslog.facility-name. This configuration file is read every time syslogd starts, or is restarted by a SIGHUP signal. If the file does not exist, or if it exists but contains no subscription lines, no syslog messages will be posted to EVM. Each line in the file controls the forwarding of one syslog event. Lines beginning with the # character are considered comments and are ignored. Only one subscription per line is permitted. Mixing a subscription and a comment on the same line is not allowed. Each line has the format facility.priority[+]. Specifies the part of the system that generated the message. Legal values are the follow- ing: All messages. Messages generated by the kernel. Messages generated by user processes. Messages generated by the mail system. Mes- sages generated by system daemons. Messages generated by the authorization system. Messages generated internal to the syslog system. Messages generated by the line printer spooling system. Messages generated by the system news command. Messages generated by the UNIX to UNIX copy system. Messages generated by the system clock daemon. Messages generated by remote file systems. Available for local use. Indicates the priority of the message. If the priority is followed by a + character, events which are of the specified priority or higher are forwarded; otherwise only events which exactly match the priority are forwarded. The priority level must be one of the following: Forward messages of any priority. Forward messages of emergency priority. Forward messages of alert priority. Forward messages of critical priority. Forward messages of error priority. Forward messages of warn- ing priority. Forward messages of notice priority. Forward messages of information priority. Forward messages of debug priority. EXAMPLES
This example causes syslogd to forward events to EVM as follows: All messages of emergency priority are forwarded. All messages generated in the kernel which have a priority of info or greater are forwarded. All messages generated by users, by the mail subsystem or by the system daemons which have a priority of info or greater are forwarded. *.emerg user.notice+ mail.notice+ daemon.notice+ FILES
Location of the system logger configuration file. Location of the EVM syslog subscription configuration file. Location of the EVM logger configuration file. SEE ALSO
Commands: evmd(8), evmlogger(8), syslog(1), syslogd(8) Routines: syslog(3) Event Management: EVM(5) delim off syslog_evm.conf(4)

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