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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Extract specific data and change its arrangment Post 302408936 by patrick87 on Tuesday 30th of March 2010 11:48:02 PM
Old 03-31-2010
Hi ktrimu,
I just try the awk code that you suggested.
Unfortunately, it can't give my desired output result Smilie
Your awk code give the output result same as what my wrong awk code did Smilie
awk '{if($3 ~ /type/ || /range/ || /source/) { var=$0; if($var ! $0) {print;} }}' filename
HS04636    PROGRAM    source    836    7001        +    ID=g1
HS04636    PROGRAM    type    836    1017        +    Parent=g1.t1
HS04636    PROGRAM    range    966    1017        +    ID=g1.t1.range;Parent=g1.t1
HS04636    PROGRAM    range    1818    1934        +    ID=g1.t1.range;Parent=g1.t1
HS04636    PROGRAM    type    1818    1934        +    Parent=g1.t1
HS04636    PROGRAM    range    2055    2198        +    ID=g1.t1.range;Parent=g1.t1
HS04636    PROGRAM    type    2055    2198        +    Parent=g1.t1

HS04636    PROGRAM    source    836    7001        +    ID=g1
HS04636    PROGRAM    range    2852    2995        +    ID=g1.t1.range;Parent=g1.t1
HS04636    PROGRAM    type    2852    2995        +    Parent=g1.t1
HS04636    PROGRAM    range    3426    3607        +    ID=g1.t1.range;Parent=g1.t1
HS04636    PROGRAM    type    3426    3607        +    Parent=g1.t1

Do you got any better advice or suggestion to improve the awk code to reach my desired output result?
Thanks again and a lot for your advice.
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wxStaticLine(3erl)					     Erlang Module Definition						wxStaticLine(3erl)

wxStaticLine - See external documentation: wxStaticLine. DESCRIPTION
See external documentation: wxStaticLine . This class is derived (and can use functions) from: wxControl wxWindow wxEvtHandler DATA TYPES
wxStaticLine() : An object reference, The representation is internal and can be changed without notice. It can't be used for comparsion stored on disc or distributed for use on other nodes. EXPORTS
new() -> wxStaticLine() See external documentation . new(Parent::wxWindow() (see module wxWindow)) -> wxStaticLine() Equivalent to new(Parent, []) . new(Parent::wxWindow() (see module wxWindow), Options::[Option]) -> wxStaticLine() Types Option = {id, integer()} | {pos, {X::integer(), Y::integer()}} | {size, {W::integer(), H::integer()}} | {style, integer()} See external documentation . create(This::wxStaticLine(), Parent::wxWindow() (see module wxWindow)) -> bool() Equivalent to create(This, Parent, []) . create(This::wxStaticLine(), Parent::wxWindow() (see module wxWindow), Options::[Option]) -> bool() Types Option = {id, integer()} | {pos, {X::integer(), Y::integer()}} | {size, {W::integer(), H::integer()}} | {style, integer()} See external documentation . isVertical(This::wxStaticLine()) -> bool() See external documentation . getDefaultSize() -> integer() See external documentation . destroy(This::wxStaticLine()) -> ok Destroys this object, do not use object again AUTHORS
<> wxErlang 0.98.9 wxStaticLine(3erl)

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