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Full Discussion: How to generate the list?
Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting How to generate the list? Post 302408222 by rdcwayx on Monday 29th of March 2010 12:33:23 AM
Old 03-29-2010
How to generate the list?

Reference post, https://www.unix.com/shell-programmin...ease-help.html , I can generate a word list easily, by echo or for loop.

For example, with the echo command and word expect, I can list all 6 letters possibility (6X6X6X6X6X6=46656)

echo {e,x,p,e,c,t}{e,x,p,e,c,t}{e,x,p,e,c,t}{e,x,p,e,c,t}{e,x,p,e,c,t}{e,x,p,e,c,t}

but I want to generate a list which letters are not used again. So the list should be only (6X5X4X3X2X1=720).

Any idea?

The word will be any length.

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deroff(1)						      General Commands Manual							 deroff(1)

deroff - Deletes neqn, nroff, and tbl constructs SYNOPSIS
deroff [-i | -l] [-kpuw] [-ma | -me | -mm | -ms] file... deroff [-i | -l] [-kpuw] -mm -ml file... The deroff command reads the specified files (or standard input by default), removes all nroff requests, macro calls, backslash constructs, eqn constructs (between and lines and between delimiters), and tbl descriptions, replacing many of them with spaces or blank lines, and writes the remainder of the file to standard output. OPTIONS
Suppresses processing of included files (.so and Keeps blocks of text specified by requests or macros; for example, the request. Sup- presses processing of included files whose names begin with /usr/lib (such as macro files in /usr/lib/tmac). Interprets man macros only. Interprets me macros only. Ignores mm macros and deletes mm list structures. The -mm option must be specified with this option. Inter- prets ms and mm macros only. Interprets ms macros only. Performs special paragraph processing. Removes _ and  in underlined and boldfaced words. Automatically sets the -w option. Formats output into a word list, containing one word per line, with all other charac- ters deleted. In text, a word is any string that contains at least two letters and is composed of letters, digits, ampersands (&), and apostrophes ('). In a macro call, a word is a string that begins with at least two letters and contains a total of at least three letters. Delimiters are any characters other than letters, digits, ampersands, and apostrophes. Trailing ampersands and apostrophes are removed from words. DESCRIPTION
The deroff command normally follows chains of included files (.so and requests) and processes those files. If a file was already included, a naming it is ignored and a deroff(1)

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