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Special Forums IP Networking read/write,write/write lock with smbclient fails Post 302401247 by swatidas11 on Friday 5th of March 2010 09:17:40 AM
Old 03-05-2010
read/write,write/write lock with smbclient fails

We have smb client running on two of the linux boxes and smb server on another linux system. During a backup operation which uses smb, read of a file was allowed while write to the same file was going on.Also simultaneous writes to the same file were allowed.Following are the settings in the smb.conf file:
lock directory =/var/samba/lock
strict locking = no
level2 oplocks = no
kernel oplocks =yes
raw read= yes
raw write = yes
Could anyone please let me know that what can I do to disallow read while write is going on and also restrict simultaneous writes?

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LIBSMBCLIENT(7) 							 7							   LIBSMBCLIENT(7)

libsmbclient - An extension library for browsers and that can be used as a generic browsing API. SYNOPSIS
Browser URL: smb://[[[domain:]user[:password@]]server[/share[/path[/file]]]] [?options] DESCRIPTION
This tool is part of the samba(7) suite. libsmbclient is a library toolset that permits applications to manipulate CIFS/SMB network resources using many of the standards POSIX functions available for manipulating local UNIX/Linux files. It permits much more than just browsing, files can be opened and read or written, permissions changed, file times modified, attributes and ACL's can be manipulated, and so on. Of course, its functionality includes all the capabilities commonly called browsing. libsmbclient can not be used directly from the command line, instead it provides an extension of the capabilities of tools such as file managers and browsers. This man page describes the configuration options for this tool so that the user may obtain greatest utility of use. OPTIONS
What the URLs mean: smb:// Shows all workgroups or domains that are visible in the network. The behavior matches that of the Microsoft Windows Explorer. The method of locating the list of workgroups (domains also) varies depending on the setting of the context variable (context->options.browse_max_lmb_count). It is the responsibility of the application that calls this library to set this to a sensible value. This is a compile-time option. This value determines the maximum number of local master browsers to query for the list of workgroups. In order to ensure that the list is complete for those present on the network, all master browsers must be queried. If there are a large number of workgroups on the network, the time spent querying will be significant. For small networks (just a few workgroups), it is suggested to set this value to 0, instructing libsmbclient to query all local master browsers. In an environment that has many workgroups a more reasonable setting may be around 3. smb://name/ This command causes libsmbclient to perform a name look-up. If the NAME<1D> or NAME<1B> exists (workgroup name), libsmbclient will list all servers in the workgroup (or domain). Otherwise, a name look-up for the NAME<20> (machine name) will be performed, and the list of shared resources on the server will be displayed. When libsmbclient is invoked by an application it searches for a directory called .smb in the $HOME directory that is specified in the users shell environment. It then searches for a file called smb.conf which, if present, will fully over-ride the system /etc/samba/smb.conf file. If instead libsmbclient finds a file called ~/.smb/smb.conf.append, it will read the system /etc/samba/smb.conf and then append the contents of the ~/.smb/smb.conf.append to it. libsmbclient will check the users shell environment for the USER parameter and will use its value when if the user parameter was not included in the URL. PROGRAMMERS GUIDE
Watch this space for future updates. VERSION
This man page is correct for version 3 of the Samba suite. AUTHOR
The original Samba software and related utilities were created by Andrew Tridgell. Samba is now developed by the Samba Team as an Open Source project similar to the way the Linux kernel is developed. The libsmbclient manpage page was written by John H Terpstra. Samba 4.0 06/17/2014 LIBSMBCLIENT(7)

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