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Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers Windows to Linux remote console using VNC brings up blank console screen with only mouse pointer Post 302397882 by wbdevilliers on Tuesday 23rd of February 2010 08:11:50 AM
Old 02-23-2010
Found the fix...

vi /etc/sysconfig/vncservers

Comment out or remove "depth=16"

My working config file looks like this:

VNCSERVERS="1:root 2:user"
 VNCSERVERARGS[1]="-geometry 800x600 "
 VNCSERVERARGS[2]="-geometry 800x600 "

Restart vncserver service
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DMX(3)							     Library Functions Manual							    DMX(3)

DMX - X Window System DMX (Distributed Multihead X) extension DESCRIPTION
The DMX extension provides support for communication with and control of Xdmx(1) server. Attributes of the Xdmx(1) server and of the back- end screens attached to the server can be queried and modified via this protocol. SUMMARY OF LIBRARY FUNCTIONS
The following is a summary of DMX library functions: DMXQueryExtension(3) - determine if DMX is available DMXQueryVersion(3) - determine DMX extension version DMXSync(3) - flush protocol requests between Xdmx(1) and back-end X servers DMXForceWindowCreation(3) - force immediate back-end window creation DMXGetScreenCount(3) - determine number of back-end screens DMXGetScreenAttributes(3) - determine back-end screen attributes DMXChangeScreensAttributes(3) - change back-end screen attributes DMXAddScreen(3) - attach a new back-end screen DMXRemoveScreen(3) - detach a back-end screen DMXGetWindowAttributes(3) - determine back-end window attributes DMXGetDesktopAttributes(3) - determine global bounding box DMXChangeDesktopAttributes(3) - change global bounding box DMXGetInputCount(3) - determine number of input devices DMXGetInputAttributes(3) - determine input device attributes DMXAddInput(3) - attach a new backend or console input DMXRemoveInput(3) - detach an input DMXAddBackendInput(3) - attach a new back-end input DMXAddConsoleInput(3) - attach a new console input Each of these functions is described in its own man page. SEE ALSO
Xdmx(1), xdmxconfig(1), vdltodmx(1) X Version 11 libdmx 1.1.2 DMX(3)

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