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I have a comma delimited text file and need to appened ",000000" to the end of every line. For example: Before: "D700000","2006" ,"5000","Open Year" ,"Conversion" ,"Wk64","Productive Payroll $" ,1103.45 After: "D700000","2006" ,"5000","Open Year" ,"Conversion" ,"Wk64","Productive Payroll... (3 Replies)
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Hi, guys. I have one question: I have a file called "group", the contents of it is below: ******************************** ... test:x:203: sales:x:204: repair:x:205: research:x:206:brownj ... *********** Now I want to add string ",sherrys" at the end of "research:x:206:brownj", so... (5 Replies)
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I have 2 files that I am working with $ cat file1 server1 server3 server5 server6 server8 $ cat file2 server1;Solaris; server2; SLES; server3;Linux; server4; Solaris; server5;SLES; server6;SLES; server7;Solaris; server8;Linux; (1 Reply)
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sed - Find a String and append a text end of the Line

Hi, I have a File, which have multiple rows. Like below 123456 Test1 FNAME JRW#$% PB MO Approver XXXXXX. YYYY 123457 Test2 FNAME JRW#$% PB MO Super XXXXXX. YYYY 123458 Test3 FNAME JRW#$% PB MO Approver XXXXXX. YYYY I want to search a line which contains PB MO Approver and append... (2 Replies)
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Append this string to end of each line

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Mojo::URL(3pm)						User Contributed Perl Documentation					    Mojo::URL(3pm)

Mojo::URL - Uniform Resource Locator SYNOPSIS
use Mojo::URL; # Parse my $url = Mojo::URL->new(''); say $url->scheme; say $url->userinfo; say $url->host; say $url->port; say $url->path; say $url->query; say $url->fragment; # Build my $url = Mojo::URL->new; $url->scheme('http'); $url->userinfo('sri:foobar'); $url->host(''); $url->port(3000); $url->path('/foo/bar'); $url->path('baz'); $url->query->param(foo => 'bar'); $url->fragment(23); say $url; DESCRIPTION
Mojo::URL implements a subset of RFC 3986 and RFC 3987 for Uniform Resource Locators with support for IDNA and IRIs. ATTRIBUTES
Mojo::URL implements the following attributes. "authority" my $authority = $url->authority; $url = $url->authority('root:pass%3Bw0rd@localhost:8080'); Authority part of this URL. "base" my $base = $url->base; $url = $url->base(Mojo::URL->new); Base of this URL. "fragment" my $fragment = $url->fragment; $url = $url->fragment('foo'); Fragment part of this URL. "host" my $host = $url->host; $url = $url->host(''); Host part of this URL. "port" my $port = $url->port; $url = $url->port(8080); Port part of this URL. "scheme" my $scheme = $url->scheme; $url = $url->scheme('http'); Scheme part of this URL. "userinfo" my $userinfo = $url->userinfo; $url = $url->userinfo('root:pass%3Bw0rd'); Userinfo part of this URL. METHODS
Mojo::URL inherits all methods from Mojo::Base and implements the following new ones. "new" my $url = Mojo::URL->new; my $url = Mojo::URL->new(''); Construct a new Mojo::URL object. "clone" my $url2 = $url->clone; Clone this URL. "ihost" my $ihost = $url->ihost; $url = $url->ihost(''); Host part of this URL in punycode format. # "" Mojo::URL->new('')->ihost; "is_abs" my $success = $url->is_abs; Check if URL is absolute. "parse" $url = $url->parse(''); Parse URL. "path" my $path = $url->path; $url = $url->path('/foo/bar'); $url = $url->path('foo/bar'); $url = $url->path(Mojo::Path->new); Path part of this URL, relative paths will be appended to the existing path, defaults to a Mojo::Path object. # "" Mojo::URL->new('')->path('/DOM/HTML'); # "" Mojo::URL->new('')->path('DOM/HTML'); # "" Mojo::URL->new('')->path('DOM/HTML'); "query" my $query = $url->query; $url = $url->query(replace => 'with'); $url = $url->query([merge => 'with']); $url = $url->query({append => 'to'}); $url = $url->query(Mojo::Parameters->new); Query part of this URL, defaults to a Mojo::Parameters object. # "2" Mojo::URL->new('')->query->param('b'); # "" Mojo::URL->new('')->query(a => 2, c => 3); # "" Mojo::URL->new('')->query([a => 2, c => 3]); # "" Mojo::URL->new('')->query([a => undef]); # "" Mojo::URL->new('')->query({a => 2, c => 3}); "to_abs" my $abs = $url->to_abs; my $abs = $url->to_abs(Mojo::URL->new('')); Clone relative URL and turn it into an absolute one. "to_rel" my $rel = $url->to_rel; my $rel = $url->to_rel(Mojo::URL->new('')); Clone absolute URL and turn it into a relative one. "to_string" my $string = $url->to_string; Turn URL into a string. SEE ALSO
Mojolicious, Mojolicious::Guides, <>. perl v5.14.2 2012-09-05 Mojo::URL(3pm)

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