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Full Discussion: Auto login to Unix
Special Forums Windows & DOS: Issues & Discussions Auto login to Unix Post 302394622 by rahulbahulekar on Friday 12th of February 2010 05:36:45 AM
Old 02-12-2010
Auto login to Unix


i am trying to connect to unix server from windows bat file using telnet command. But bat file is unable to pass username and password hence could not login to UNIX.

My requirement is to connect UNIX server from .bat file and run few macros at a perticular schedule. My UNIX login does not have the access to use crontab hence i am going for windows bat files.

I googled a lot to get the answer for - how to connect UNIX from windows bat file but not getting any proper answer.

I tried with putty as well -

putty.exe -ssh ServerName.COM -l UserName -pw MyPassword -m

but still its not working

Plz help!!

Thankx in advance.
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