Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Insert text file only after the first match with SED Post 302392914 by Franklin52 on Saturday 6th of February 2010 09:53:01 AM
Something like this?
awk '/?>/ && !f{system("cat License_Header.txt");f=1;next}1' xml-Datei.xml > tempFile.txt
mv tempFile.txt xml-Datei.xml

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Match text to lines in a file, iterate backwards until text or text substring matches, print to file

hi all, trying this using shell/bash with sed/awk/grep I have two files, one containing one column, the other containing multiple columns (comma delimited). file1.txt abc12345 def12345 ghi54321 ... file2.txt abc1,text1,texta abc,text2,textb def123,text3,textc gh,text4,textd... (6 Replies)
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STAG-AUTOSCHEMA(1p)					User Contributed Perl Documentation				       STAG-AUTOSCHEMA(1p)

stag-autoschema - writes the implicit stag-schema for a stag file SYNOPSIS
stag-autoschema -w sxpr sample-data.xml stag-autoschema -dtd sample-data.xml DESCRIPTION
Takes a stag compatible file (xml, sxpr, itext), or a file in any format plus a parser, and writes out the implicit underlying stag-schema stag-schema should look relatively self-explanatory. Here is an example stag-schema, shown in sxpr syntax: (db (person* (name "s" (address+ (address_type "s") (street "s") (street2? "s") (city "s") (zip? "s"))))) The database db contains zero or more persons, each person has a mandatory name and at least one address. The cardinality mnemonics are as follows: + 1 or more ? 0 or one * 0 or more The default cardinality is 1 ARGUMENTS
-p|parser FORMAT FORMAT is one of xml, sxpr or itext, or the name of a perl module xml assumed as default -dtd exports schema as DTD -w|writer FORMAT FORMAT is one of xml, sxpr or itext, or the name of a perl module, OR DTD The default is sxpr note that stag schemas exported as xml will be invalid xml, due to the use of symbols *, +, ? in the node names LIMITATIONS
not event based - memory usage becomes exhorbitant on large files; prepare a small sample beforehand perl v5.10.0 2008-12-23 STAG-AUTOSCHEMA(1p)

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