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Full Discussion: KDE apple mouse
Special Forums UNIX Desktop Questions & Answers KDE apple mouse Post 302388357 by SilversleevesX on Wednesday 20th of January 2010 06:01:43 AM
Old 01-20-2010
As a longtime Mac user (whose first name irl also happens to be Steve), I can tell you that Mr Jobs' so-called "aesthetic" has ended a lot of users up in blind alleys like this. With decent Logitech driver-free 3-button mice selling for between $7 and $26 online and in retail stores, your best bet is to get out from under that anachronism Apple calls a multi-button mouse and stop worrying about compatibility.

Presently I "commute" between Ubuntu and Windows, but I still use the mouse I used on (count 'em) two genuine Macs and one Dell laptop. Logitech Click! No longer made, scarcely available, but a hell of a good buy at $32 tax included back in 2004.

Hope this helps. BZT

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glutMouseFunc -- Sets the mouse-button callback for the current window. LIBRARY
#include <openglut.h> void glutMouseFunc(void( *callback )( int button, int state, int x, int y )); PARAMETERS
callback Client hook for mouse-buttons. DESCRIPTION
Whenever a mouse button is pressed or released in an OpenGLUT window, OpenGLUT checks if that window has a mouse-button (Mouse) callback reg- istered. If so, OpenGLUT gives the event to the handler. button is the button number, starting from 0. state is GLUT_UP or GLUT_DOWN to indicate the button's new state. The other parameters are the mouse coordinates. Mouse wheel motion can be reported as buttons. If you do not request otherwise, a wheel spun forward will act like a button clicking down, immediately followed by clicking up. Spinning the same wheel backward will act like a different button clicking. Mouse wheel pseudo-buttons are added after all real buttons. While the button is held and the mouse is dragged, you receive mouse-motion events (glutMotionFunc()), even if the mouse is dragged out of the window. This callback is bound to the current window . CAVEATS
Reporting the wheel as buttons is actually inherited from X. freeglut added code to support this on WIN32. OpenGLUT inherited that support from freeglut. Old GLUT defines the symbols GLUT_LEFT_BUTTON, GLUT_RIGHT_BUTTON, and GLUT_MIDDLE_BUTTON. However, mice can have more than 3 buttons, so these symbols are deprecated. Windows created via glutCreateMenuWindow() always cascade keyboard and mouse events to their parent. SEE ALSO
glutMotionFunc(3) glutPassiveMotionFunc(3) glutMouseWheelFunc(3) Epoch

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