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The Lounge What is on Your Mind? Will You Get the A(H1N1) Vaccine? Post 302385285 by Corona688 on Thursday 7th of January 2010 05:09:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Neo
Homeopathic and herbal strategies are great for the prevention of diseases which do not have safe and effective vaccines.
Homeopathic and herbal aren't quite the same thing. A homeopathic preparation is intentionally diluted, often to the point where actually getting any of the molecules of what's been diluted is unlikely.

It's entirely possible for herbal treatments to be effective. Many modern drugs are duplicates or slight modifications of things discovered in the real world. But herbal treatments are only subject to the same rigor food is -- if it doesn't kill you, leach lead, or contain too many bug fragments, they're allowed to put it on the shelf whether it does anything or not.

I once saw a bottle of herbal tablets purporting to improve memory, even referencing a study... Intrigued, I looked it up -- the study was about Ginko's effects on night-vision in people with attention-deficit disorder. Buyer beware.
Test Your Knowledge in Computers #842
Difficulty: Medium
HTTP server push (also known as HTTP streaming) is a mechanism for sending unsolicited (asynchronous) data from a web server to a web browser.
True or False?
SETREUID(2)						     Linux Programmer's Manual						       SETREUID(2)

setreuid, setregid - set real and/or effective user or group ID SYNOPSIS
#include <sys/types.h> #include <unistd.h> int setreuid(uid_t ruid, uid_t euid); int setregid(gid_t rgid, gid_t egid); DESCRIPTION
setreuid sets real and effective user IDs of the current process. Unprivileged users may only set the real user ID to the real user ID or the effective user ID, and may only set the effective user ID to the real user ID, the effective user ID or the saved user ID. Supplying a value of -1 for either the real or effective user ID forces the system to leave that ID unchanged. If the real user ID is set or the effective user ID is set to a value not equal to the previous real user ID, the saved user ID will be set to the new effective user ID. Completely analogously, setregid sets real and effective group ID's of the current process, and all of the above holds with "group" instead of "user". RETURN VALUE
On success, zero is returned. On error, -1 is returned, and errno is set appropriately. ERRORS
EPERM The current process is not the super-user and changes other than (i) swapping the effective user (group) ID with the real user (group) ID, or (ii) setting one to the value of the other or (iii) setting the effective user (group) ID to the value of the saved user (group) ID was specified. NOTES
Setting the effective user (group) ID to the saved user ID is possible since Linux 1.1.37 (1.1.38). CONFORMING TO
BSD 4.3 (the setreuid and setregid function calls first appeared in 4.2BSD). SEE ALSO
getuid(2), getgid(2), setuid(2), setgid(2), seteuid(2), setresuid(2) Linux 1.1.38 1994-08-02 SETREUID(2)

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