Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Search and remove in a text file Post 302383664 by nogame11 on Wednesday 30th of December 2009 03:33:34 PM
Well I really needed it to remove just the line where the name is
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remove specified text from file

I am trying to write a script that kills old sessions, I've posted here over the past few days and the script is just about perfect except I want to be given the option to exclude specified PIDs from being killed. this is the entire script: if then rm /tmp/idlepids fi if then rm... (2 Replies)
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search and replace a specific text in text file?

I have a text file with following content (3 lines) filename : output.txt first line:12/12/2008 second line:12/12/2008 third line:Y I would like to know how we can replace 'Y' with 'N' in the 3rd line keeping 1st and 2nd lines same as what it was before. I tried using cat output.txt... (4 Replies)
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Search text from a file and print text and one previous line too

Hi, Please let me know how to find text and print text and its previous line. Please don't get irritated few days back I asked text and next line. I am using HP-UX 11.11 Thanks for your help. (6 Replies)
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Search and Remove Lines within File

Hello, I've searched through the scripting section but could not find what I need. I need to search for empty sections within a file and remove them. Here is an example file: Title 123 A B C D E Title 098 Title 567 Z Y (4 Replies)
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Search based on 1,2,4,5 columns and remove duplicates in the same file.

Hi, I am unable to search the duplicates in a file based on the 1st,2nd,4th,5th columns in a file and also remove the duplicates in the same file. Source filename: Filename.csv "1","ccc","information","5000","temp","concept","new" "1","ddd","information","6000","temp","concept","new"... (2 Replies)
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search text file in file if this file contains necessary text (awk,grep)

Hello friends! Help me pls to write correct awk and grep statements for my task: I have got files with name filename.txt It has such structure: Start of file FROM: (12...890) abc DATE: 11/23/2009 on Std SUBJECT: any subject End of file So, I must check, if this file... (4 Replies)
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How to search multiple patterns and remove lines from a file?

Hi, I have a file content as below. Table : PAYR Displayed fields: 15 of 15 Fixed columns: 4 List width 0999... (4 Replies)
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Read in search strings from text file, search for string in second text file and output to CSV

Hi guys, I have a text file named file1.txt that is formatted like this: 001 , ID , 20000 002 , Name , Brandon 003 , Phone_Number , 616-234-1999 004 , SSNumber , 234-23-234 005 , Model , Toyota 007 , Engine ,V8 008 , GPS , OFF and I have file2.txt formatted like this: ... (2 Replies)
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Search a text and return the text from file

Hi I have a set of input strings in a pattern as given below string1 string2 string3 string4 string5 I need to search this sequence of strings from a file in such a way that the first two strings (string1 and string2) and last two strings (string4 and string5) should match with the... (8 Replies)
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How to remove the text between all curly brackets from text file?

Hello experts, I have a text file with lot of curly brackets (both opening { & closing } ). I need to delete them alongwith the text between opening & closing brackets' pair. For ex: Input:- 59. Rh1 Qe4 {(Qf5-e4 Qd8-g8+ Kg6-f5 Qg8-h7+ Kf5-e5 Qh7-e7+ Ke5-f5 Qe7-d7+ Qe4-e6 Qd7-h7+ Qe6-g6... (6 Replies)
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CONJUNCT(1)						      General Commands Manual						       CONJUNCT(1)

conjunct - find dates of equinox or new or full moon SYNOPSIS
conjunct [options] DESCRIPTION
conjunct searches for one of these events: spring equinox (default), summer solstice, autumn equinox, winter solstice, new moon, or full moon. OPTIONS
-s, --start date Set starting date (default is current date). The date may be either a Julian day number (e.g. 2454180.0 for noon, 2007 March 20) or an ISO 8601 date (e.g. 2007-03-20). -e, --end date Set ending date (default is one year from now). -V, --vernal, --spring Search for spring equinox (default). -S, --summer Search for summer solstice. -A, --autumn, --fall Search for autumn equinox. -W, --winter Search for winter solstice. -N, --newmoon Search for new moon. -F, --fullmoon Search for full moon. -h, --help Show summary of options. SEE ALSO
aa(1). AUTHOR
conjunct was written by Stephen L. Moshier <>. This manual page was written by James R. Van Zandt <>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others). August 24, 2006 CONJUNCT(1)

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