"Create multiple text file from a single text file on AIX"

Post #302372510 by Franklin52 on Wednesday 18th of November 2009 05:52:27 AM

After conversion the format you can try this:

awk '/A\/C NO. TYPE\/CCY :/{f=$(NF-1)}f{print > f}' unixfile

Explanation of the first command:

awk -F"[\./]" '/FILE =/{f=$(NF-1)}f{print > f}' file

-F"[\./]" -> fieldseparator is "." or "/"

/FILE =/{f=$(NF-1)} -> if the line containes "FILE =" then the filename (variable f) = penultimate field

(NF-1) -> NF is the number of fields, $(NF-1) is the penultimate field

f{print > f} -> if f is not null print the entire line to the file f
With the explanation you should be able to customize the code if it doesn't give the desired result.
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DP(8)								     [nmh-1.5]								     DP(8)

dp - parse dates 822-style SYNOPSIS
/usr/lib/mh/dp [-form formatfile] [-format string] [-width columns] [-version] [-help] dates ... DESCRIPTION
Dp is a program that parses dates according to the ARPA Internet standard. It also understands many non-standard formats, such as those produced by TOPS-20 sites and some UNIX sites using ctime(3). It is useful for seeing how nmh will interpret a date. The dp program treats each argument as a single date, and prints the date out in the official 822-format. Hence, it is usually best to enclose each argument in quotes for the shell. To override the output format used by dp, the -format string or -format file switches are used. This permits individual fields of the address to be extracted with ease. The string is simply a format string and the file is simply a format file. See mh-format(5) for the details. Here is the default format string used by dp: %<(nodate{text})error: %{text}%|%(putstr(pretty{text}))%> which says that if an error was detected, print the error, a `:', and the date in error. Otherwise, output the 822-proper format of the date. FILES
$HOME/.mh_profile The user profile PROFILE COMPONENTS
ap(8), Standard for the Format of ARPA Internet Text Messages (RFC-822) DEFAULTS
`-format' default as described above `-width' default to the width of the terminal CONTEXT
The argument to the -format switch must be interpreted as a single token by the shell that invokes dp. Therefore, one must usually place the argument to this switch inside quotes. MH.6.8 11 June 2012 DP(8)

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