Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Redirecting output that was redirected to variable and console Post 302372231 by script_man on Tuesday 17th of November 2009 11:10:15 AM
Thanks for the reply.

Please note that the output should be redirectable to a file. The example redirecting to /dev/null
var=`echo test | tee /dev/tty` > /dev/null

was only to illustrate the problem.
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SHOWCONSOLE(8)						       The SuSE boot concept						    SHOWCONSOLE(8)

Showconsole - determines the underlying tty of stdin Setconsole - sets the underlying tty of /dev/console SYNOPSIS
showconsole [-n] setconsole /dev/tty<xy> < /dev/console DESCRIPTION
showconsole determines the underlying character device of the current stdin. This can be used on /dev/console as current character device to get the real character device back. setconsole sets the underlying tty of the system console /dev/console. This requires that the standard input is identical with /dev/con- sole and exactly one argument, a valid character device is given. OPTIONS
-n Return the major and minor device numbers instead of the device file name. This can be used to asked the kernel for the major and minor device numbers of a not existing device file in /dev. BUGS
showconsole needs a mounted /proc file system and tries to set the controlling tty to stdin if no controlling tty is found. After reading /proc the status of the controlling tty is restored to avoid problems with getty processes. FILES
/proc/<pid of showconsole>/stat the stat file of the showconsole process. /dev/console the system console. SEE ALSO
blogd(8), console(4), tty(4), proc(5). COPYRIGHT
2000 Werner Fink, 2000 SuSE GmbH Nuernberg, Germany. AUTHOR
Werner Fink <> 3rd Berkeley Distribution Nov 10, 2000 SHOWCONSOLE(8)

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