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Operating Systems SCO load sco xenix and sco unix binary ? Post 302371651 by javad1_maroofi on Monday 16th of November 2009 02:29:43 AM
Old 11-16-2009
load sco xenix and sco unix binary ?


I have some sco xenix object, bin and archive files that operate in sco unix 5.0.7.
I know that sco unix kernel can support sco xenix binary. I want to know how can I link xenix and unix archives together?

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MAKECSD(1)						  The Canonical Csound Reference						MAKECSD(1)

makecsd - Creates a CSD file from the specified input files. . DESCRIPTION
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makecsd [OPTIONS ... ] infile1 [ infile2 [ ... ]] INITIALIZATION
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makecsd -t 6 -w 78 -o file.csd file.mid file.orc file.sco sample.aif This creates a CSD from file.orc and file.sco (tabs are expanded to spaces assuming a tabstop size of 6 characters), and file.mid and sample.aif are added as <CsFileB> tags containing Base64 encoded data with a line width of 78 characters. The output file is file.csd. CREDITS
Author: Istvan Varga Jan 2003 AUTHORS
Barry Vercoe MIT Media Lab Author. Dan Ellis MIT Media Lab, Cambridge Massachussetts Author. COPYRIGHT
5.10 08/01/2011 MAKECSD(1)

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