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Full Discussion: delete a string on column1
Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting delete a string on column1 Post 302369843 by Scott on Monday 9th of November 2009 07:38:09 PM
Old 11-09-2009
Whether you need to modify them of not, it helps if you give an overall picture, otherwise any solution given might not be fitting.

awk '{sub(/_.*/, "", $1)} 1'


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Picture(3U)						    InterViews Reference Manual 					       Picture(3U)

Picture - composite structured graphic SYNOPSIS
#include <Unidraw/Graphic/picture.h> DESCRIPTION
A Picture defines a composition of graphic objects. A picture has its own graphics state, which it concatenates with its children's state when it is drawn or erased. Picture adopts the default concatenation semantics supported by the Graphic base class: The picture's graphics state effectively overrides its children's so that they are drawn with the picture's state information substituted for their own. A child's attribute is used only when the picture does not already define it. Moreover, each child's transformer is postmultiplied by the picture's transformer when the picture is drawn; thus children are drawn relative to the picture's coordinate system. PUBLIC OPERATIONS
Picture(Graphic* = nil) Construct a new picture, optionally supply a graphic from which to copy an initial set of graphics state. Picture is derived from FullGraphic and therefore defines a full set of graphics state. virtual ~Picture() The picture deletes its children when it is deleted. boolean IsEmpty() Picture defines IsEmpty in addition to the standard Graphic child traversal operations to provide a convenient way to check if the picture has any children. PROTECTED OPERATIONS
Graphic* graphic(UList*) UList* Elem(Iterator) Convenience functions for extracting a graphic from a UList element and a UList from an iterator. SEE ALSO
Graphic(3U), Iterator(3U), Transformer(3I), UList(3U), pspaint(3U) Unidraw 1 February 1991 Picture(3U)

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