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Full Discussion: Nohup causing issues
Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Nohup causing issues Post 302369840 by Scott on Monday 9th of November 2009 07:33:06 PM
Old 11-09-2009
Originally Posted by ChicagoBlues
Hi folks... I really need some help soon with this issue I am having when I run my script using 'nohup'. Below is a function 'checkReturn' that my script uses to check whether other functions or tasks errored out with a non-zero exit code.

function checkReturn {
if [ $3 -ne 0 ]; then
echo "Error in step $STEP at line $2: Command return code: $3"
touch "$CMS_INBOUND_QUEUE/${1}_fail.sig"

Here is the error I get.... Note that when I run my script without the nohup, it runs fine.

function checkReturn {
./cms_inbBroker.sh: function: not found
+ [ -ne 0 ]
./cms_inbBroker.sh: test: argument expected

- CB
Slightly more context about your script would be helpful. i.e. the context in which your script is run and in which the function is executed.

Running your script "nohup" doesn't mean nuch. So what! If you're running your script in the background and looking for a return code, you're clean out of luck.... it won't return one.

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nohup(1)						      General Commands Manual							  nohup(1)

nohup - run a command immune to hangups SYNOPSIS
command [arguments] DESCRIPTION
executes command with hangups and quits ignored. If output is not redirected by the user, both standard output and standard error are sent to If is not writable in the current directory, output is redirected to otherwise, fails. If a file is created, the file's permission bits will be set to If output from is redirected to a terminal, or is not redirected at all, the output is sent to EXTERNAL INFLUENCES
Environment Variables determines the language in which messages are displayed. If is not specified in the environment or is set to the empty string, the value of is used as a default for each unspecified or empty vari- able. If is not specified or is set to the empty string, a default of "C" (see lang(5)) is used instead of If any internationalization variable contains an invalid setting, behaves as if all internationalization variables are set to "C". See environ(5). International Code Set Support Single- and multi-byte character code sets are supported. EXAMPLES
It is frequently desirable to apply to pipelines or lists of commands. This can be done only by placing pipelines and command lists in a single file, called a shell script. To run the script using features apply to the entire contents of file. If the shell script file is to be executed often, the need to type can be eliminated by setting execute permission on file. The script can also be run in the background with interrupts ignored (see sh(1)): file typically contains normal keyboard command sequences that one would want to continue running in case the terminal disconnects, such as: WARNINGS
Be careful to place punctuation properly. For example, in the command form: applies only to command1. To correct the problem, use the command form: Be careful of where standard error is redirected. The following command may put error messages on tape, making it unreadable: whereas puts the error messages into file EXIT STATUS
The following exit values are returned: The command specified by command was found but could not be invoked An error occurred in the nohup utility or the specified command could not be found Otherwise, the exit status of nohup will be that of the command specified. SEE ALSO
chmod(1), nice(1), sh(1), signal(5). STANDARDS CONFORMANCE

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