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Operating Systems Solaris Error while installing zone in opensolaris Post 302368965 by vijaysachin on Friday 6th of November 2009 06:18:29 AM
Old 11-06-2009
Pls check the below error

root@opensolaris:~# zoneadm -z test install

Publisher: Using opensolaris.org (http://pkg.opensolaris.org/release/).
Image: Preparing at /rpool/zones/test/root.

pkg: image-create: The URI 'http://pkg.opensolaris.org/release/' does not appear to point to a valid pkg server.
Please check the server's address and client's network configuration.
Additional details:

Unable to contact valid package server: http://pkg.opensolaris.org/release/
Encountered the following error(s):
Transport errors encountered when trying to contact depot server. Reported the following errors:
1: Transfer from 'opensolaris.org' timed out: timed out.
2: Transfer from 'opensolaris.org' timed out: timed out.
3: Transfer from 'opensolaris.org' timed out: timed out.
4: Transfer from 'opensolaris.org' timed out: timed out.

ERROR: failed to create image
rm: Unable to remove directory /rpool/zones/test/root: Device busy
zoneadm: zone 'test': '/usr/bin/rm -rf' failed with exit code 2.
zoneadm: test: cleaning up zonepath failed: Empty document

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ncftpls(1)						      General Commands Manual							ncftpls(1)

ncftpls - Internet file transfer program for scripts SYNOPSIS
ncftpls [options] ftp://url.style/host/path/name/ OPTIONS
Command line flags: -1 Most basic format, one item per line. -l Long list format. -R Long list format, recurse subdirectories. Equivalent to "-x -lR". -x -XX Additional ls flags to pass on to the server. -u XX Use username XX instead of anonymous. -p XX Use password XX with the username. -P XX Use port number XX instead of the default FTP service port (21). -d XX Use the file XX for debug logging. -t XX Timeout after XX seconds. -E Use regular (PORT) data connections. -F Use passive (PASV) data connections. The default is to use passive, but to fallback to regular if the passive connection fails or times out. -r XX Redial a maximum of XX times until connected to the remote FTP server. -W XX Send raw FTP command XX after logging in. -X XX Send raw FTP command XX after each file transferred. -Y XX Send raw FTP command XX before logging out. The -W, -X, and -Y options are useful for advanced users who need to tweak behavior on some servers. For example, users accessing mainframes might need to send some special SITE commands to set blocksize and record format information. For these options, you can use them multiple times each if you need to send multiple commands. For the -X option, you can use the cookie %s to expand into the name of the file that was transferred. DESCRIPTION
The purpose of ncftpls is to do remote directory listings using the File Transfer Protocol without entering an interactive shell. This lets you write shell scripts or other unattended processes that can do FTP. The default behavior is to print the directory listing in columnized format (i.e. ls -CF), but that is not very useful for scripting. This example uses the -1 flag, to print one file per line: $ ncftpls -1 ftp://ftp.ncftp.com/pub/ncftp/ You can also do a remote "ls -l", by using "ncftpls -l". If you want to try other flags, you have to use them with the -x flag. For exam- ple, if you wanted to do a remote "ls -lrt", you could do this: $ ncftpls -x "-lrt" ftp://ftp.ncftp.com/pub/ncftp/ By default the program tries to open the remote host and login anonymously, but you can specify a username and password information like you can with ncftpget or ncftpput. DIAGNOSTICS
ncftpls returns the following exit values: 0 Success. 1 Could not connect to remote host. 2 Could not connect to remote host - timed out. 3 Transfer failed. 4 Transfer failed - timed out. 5 Directory change failed. 6 Directory change failed - timed out. 7 Malformed URL. 8 Usage error. 9 Error in login configuration file. 10 Library initialization failed. 11 Session initialization failed. AUTHOR
Mike Gleason, NcFTP Software (mgleason@ncftp.com). SEE ALSO
ncftpput(1), ncftpget(1), ncftp(1), ftp(1), rcp(1), tftp(1). LibNcFTP (http://www.ncftp.com/libncftp/). ATTRIBUTES
See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes: +--------------------+-----------------+ | ATTRIBUTE TYPE | ATTRIBUTE VALUE | +--------------------+-----------------+ |Availability | SUNWncftp | +--------------------+-----------------+ |Interface Stability | Volatile | +--------------------+-----------------+ NOTES
Source for ncftp is available on http://opensolaris.org. Software NcFTP ncftpls(1)

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