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vim is an acronym for vi improved. Works just like ye olde vi, just has some perks added (such as multiple undo and command recall).

As for your problem with the shell script, I can't quite make out the difference between bash and "a real/true" shell (what's the difference for you anyways? A certain version?). On Linux, using bash and AT&T Korn Shell ( was created on Windows XP using Notepad):
> cat
touch Apple
echo me thinks bash is not so good
> /bin/bash
touch: cannot touch `Apple\r': No such file or directory
me thinks bash is not so good
> /usr/bin/ksh
touch: cannot touch `Apple\r': No such file or directory
me thinks bash is not so good

On HP-UX, again using the same shells:
$ /usr/local/bin/bash
me thinks bash is not so good
$ ls -b Apple*
$ rm Apple*
$ /usr/bin/ksh
me thinks bash is not so good
$ ls -b Apple*

Both AT&Ts Korn Shell and bash are fully (to my knowledge) POSIX compatible shells, based on the original Korn shell. The original Bourne Shell isn't POSIX compatible, neither is the C Shell (and it's successors).

As for bash being a free shell: it's not the only one. AT&Ts Korn Shell has public available source code since 2000, and most Linux distributions have since added it to their repositories (including Cygwin). And then there's ash, dash, zsh, ...

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GIT-SHELL(1)							    Git Manual							      GIT-SHELL(1)

git-shell - Restricted login shell for Git-only SSH access SYNOPSIS
chsh -s $(command -v git-shell) <user> git clone <user>@localhost:/path/to/repo.git ssh <user>@localhost DESCRIPTION
This is a login shell for SSH accounts to provide restricted Git access. It permits execution only of server-side Git commands implementing the pull/push functionality, plus custom commands present in a subdirectory named git-shell-commands in the user's home directory. COMMANDS
git shell accepts the following commands after the -c option: git receive-pack <argument>, git upload-pack <argument>, git upload-archive <argument> Call the corresponding server-side command to support the client's git push, git fetch, or git archive --remote request. cvs server Imitate a CVS server. See git-cvsserver(1). If a ~/git-shell-commands directory is present, git shell will also handle other, custom commands by running "git-shell-commands/<command> <arguments>" from the user's home directory. INTERACTIVE USE
By default, the commands above can be executed only with the -c option; the shell is not interactive. If a ~/git-shell-commands directory is present, git shell can also be run interactively (with no arguments). If a help command is present in the git-shell-commands directory, it is run to provide the user with an overview of allowed actions. Then a "git> " prompt is presented at which one can enter any of the commands from the git-shell-commands directory, or exit to close the connection. Generally this mode is used as an administrative interface to allow users to list repositories they have access to, create, delete, or rename repositories, or change repository descriptions and permissions. If a no-interactive-login command exists, then it is run and the interactive shell is aborted. EXAMPLE
To disable interactive logins, displaying a greeting instead: + $ chsh -s /usr/bin/git-shell $ mkdir $HOME/git-shell-commands $ cat >$HOME/git-shell-commands/no-interactive-login <<EOF #!/bin/sh printf '%s ' "Hi $USER! You've successfully authenticated, but I do not" printf '%s ' "provide interactive shell access." exit 128 EOF $ chmod +x $HOME/git-shell-commands/no-interactive-login SEE ALSO
ssh(1), git-daemon(1), contrib/git-shell-commands/README GIT
Part of the git(1) suite Git 06/10/2014 GIT-SHELL(1)

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