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Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers FTP not working, need some help Post 302367747 by nlraley on Tuesday 3rd of November 2009 12:18:09 PM
Old 11-03-2009
FTP not working, need some help

I am trying to set up an account for a user on our network to ftp into and access his folder for his web site.

I have been tossed into the previous web hosting server without really knowing much about how it has or is set up, but I've been following most of the tutorials I have seen around the net and from what I can tell I should have the access set up right, however, I can connect to the ftp server but cannot log in as the said user.

I added the user as well as his directory and set up the permissions to the directory like the other users, however the other users belong to a group with some number, each unique for the user, as opposed to the new user being setup under the users group, which a couple are set up for and I believe they have access to ftp, not 100% sure though.

Anyway, with the user being added and their password set and their home directory created and set as their home directory, what else do I have to do to get them running and able to ftp? If I don't have to do anything else how do I tell what is going on here and why they can't sign in?

Any help and guidance to resolving this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Forgot to add, it is running vsFTPd as the ftp program on the machine.

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Nevermind, I forgot to add a bash for the user when I created the account so I had to add the bash for the user in the passwd and -passwd files.

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FTPD(8) 						      System Manager's Manual							   FTPD(8)

ftpd, in.ftpd, setup.anonftp - DARPA Internet File Transfer Protocol server SYNOPSIS
ftp stream tcp nowait root /usr/sbin/in.ftpd in.ftpd tcpd ftp /usr/sbin/in.ftpd DESCRIPTION
Ftpd is the DARPA Internet File Transfer Prototocol server process. The server uses the TCP protocol and listens at the port specified in the ``ftp'' service specification; see services(5). The ftp server currently supports the following ftp requests; case is not distinguished. Request Description ABOR abort previous command ACCT specify account (ignored) ALLO allocate storage (vacuously) APPE append to a file CDUP change to parent of current working directory CWD change working directory DELE delete a file HELP give help information LIST give list files in a directory (``ls -lA'') MKD make a directory MODE specify data transfer mode NLST give name list of files in directory (``ls'') NOOP do nothing PASS specify password PASV prepare for server-to-server transfer PORT specify data connection port PWD print the current working directory QUIT terminate session RETR retrieve a file RMD remove a directory RNFR specify rename-from file name RNTO specify rename-to file name STOR store a file STOU store a file with a unique name STRU specify data transfer structure TYPE specify data transfer type USER specify user name XCUP change to parent of current working directory XCWD change working directory XMKD make a directory XPWD print the current working directory XRMD remove a directory The remaining ftp requests specified in Internet RFC 959 are recognized, but not implemented. The ftp server will abort an active file transfer only when the ABOR command is preceded by a Telnet "Interrupt Process" (IP) signal and a Telnet "Synch" signal in the command Telnet stream, as described in Internet RFC 959. Ftpd interprets file names according to the ``globbing'' conventions used by csh(1). This allows users to utilize the metacharacters ``*?[]{}~''. Ftpd authenticates users according to three rules. 1) The user name must be in the password data base, /etc/passwd, and not have a null password. In this case a password must be pro- vided by the client before any file operations may be performed. 2) The user name must not appear in the file /etc/ftpusers. 3) If the user name is ``anonymous'' or ``ftp'', an anonymous ftp account must be present in the password file (user ``ftp''). In this case the user is allowed to log in by specifying any password (by convention this is given as the client host's name). In the last case, ftpd takes special measures to restrict the client's access privileges. The server performs a chroot(2) command to the home directory of the ``ftp'' user. In order that system security is not breached, it is recommended that the ``ftp'' subtree be con- structed with care; the following rules are recommended. ~ftp) Make the home directory owned by ``ftp'' and unwritable by anyone. ~ftp/bin) Make this directory owned by the super-user and unwritable by anyone. The program ls(1) must be present to support the list com- mands. This program should have mode 111. ~ftp/etc) Make this directory owned by the super-user and unwritable by anyone. The files passwd(5) and group(5) must be present for the ls command to work properly. These files should be mode 444. ~ftp/pub) Make this directory mode 755 and owned by the super-user. Create directories in it owned by users if those users want to manage an anonymous ftp directory. ~ftp/pub/incoming) Optionally create this directory for anonymous uploads. Make it mode 777. The FTP daemon will create files with mode 266, so remote users can write a file, but only local users can do something with it. The script setup.anonftp can be used to create or check an anonymous FTP tree. SEE ALSO
ftp(1). BUGS
The anonymous account is inherently dangerous and should avoided when possible. FTPD(8)

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