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Operating Systems AIX Question about HACMP for active-active mode Post 302366513 by bakunin on Thursday 29th of October 2009 06:00:47 PM
Old 10-29-2009
Originally Posted by qiulang
BTW my original question was "what is the benefit of running HACMP for [...]
It seems to me like your real problem is adapting to the terminology of HACMP, in this case namely the term "resource group".

Suppose the classical case with no HACMP involved: you have a system where an application runs. The application has some disks holding its data and the data are all in a volume group. Further you have some network adapter (an IP adress) over which the users know they can contact the application.

Now lets abstract from this concept: what do we need to transfer to another system to transfer the task of serving the application? Answer: the volume group with the data, the IP adress the users expect, some start/stop mechanisms for the application - thats it. Exactly this is what is called a resource group. It is a data structure inside the HACMP configuration which binds together exactly these things.

Resource groups always reside on one node of a cluster and can be transferred to another node in case the active node dies. This is what shockneck has tried to explain to you in the active-active configuration: suppose your default would be a node A with some resource group A' operative and a node B with a RG B' operative. If node A dies, RG A' is being transferred to node B which will run both, vice versa, if node B dies.

Yes, "mutual takeover" is just another name for this mechanism. But however you call it, it helps to picture the RGs moving around on the nodes in case of hardware outages.

I hope this helps.


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SETRBUF(3PVM)							  PVM Version 3.4						     SETRBUF(3PVM)

pvm_setrbuf - Switches the active receive buffer and saves the previous buffer. SYNOPSIS
C int oldbuf = pvm_setrbuf( int bufid ) Fortran call pvmfsetrbuf( bufid, oldbuf ) PARAMETERS
bufid Integer specifying the message buffer identifier for the new active receive buffer. oldbuf Integer returning the message buffer identifier for the previous active receive buffer. DESCRIPTION
The routine pvm_setrbuf switches the active receive buffer to bufid and saves the previous active receive buffer oldbuf. If bufid is set to 0 then the present active receive buffer is saved and no active receive buffer exists. A successful receive automatically creates a new active receive buffer. If a previous receive has not been unpacked and needs to be saved for later, then the previous bufid can be saved and reset later to the active buffer for unpacking. The routine is required when managing multiple message buffers. For example switching back and forth between two buffers. One buffer could be used to send information to a graphical interface while a second buffer could be used send data to other tasks in the application. EXAMPLES
C: rbuf1 = pvm_setrbuf( rbuf2 ); Fortran: CALL PVMFSETRBUF( NEWBUF, OLDBUF ) ERRORS
These error conditions can be returned by pvm_setrbuf PvmBadParam giving an invalid bufid. PvmNoSuchBuf switching to a non-existent message buffer. SEE ALSO
pvm_setsbuf(3PVM) 30 August, 1993 SETRBUF(3PVM)

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