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Full Discussion: Update for RHEL4
Operating Systems Linux Red Hat Update for RHEL4 Post 302366337 by laxmikant on Thursday 29th of October 2009 09:26:16 AM
Old 10-29-2009
Update for RHEL4

Hi Everybody,
I have some RHEL4 and RHEL5 machines, whenever i check for new updates on RHEL4 with up2date, it shows me the update which is for RHEL5 machine and not for RHEL4 machine.On the other RHEL4 machine it shows the correct update (which is for RHEL4)
So i am not able to update it. Can anybody help me out to find if any Configuration is mismatching?

Appreciate your help.


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softwareupdate(8)					    BSD System Manager's Manual 					 softwareupdate(8)

softwareupdate -- system software update tool SYNOPSIS
softwareupdate command [args ...] DESCRIPTION
Software Update checks for new and updated versions of your software based on information about your computer and current software. Invoke softwareupdate by specifying a command followed by zero or more args. softwareupdate requires admin authentication for all commands except --list. If you run softwareupdate as a normal admin user, you will be prompted for a password where required. Alternatively, you can run softwareupdate as root and avoid all further authentication prompts. The following commands are available: -l | --list List all available updates. -i | --install Each update specified by args is downloaded and installed. args can be one of the following: -r | --recommended All updates that are recommended for your system. These are prefixed with a * character in the --list output. -R | --restart Automatically restart (or shut down) if required to complete installation. -a | --all All updates that are applicable to your system, including those non-recommended ones, which are prefixed with a - character in the --list output. (Non-recommended updates are uncommon in any case.) item ... One or more specified updates. The --list output shows the item names you can specify here, prefixed by the * or - characters. See EXAMPLES. -d | --download Each update specified by args is downloaded but not installed. The values of args are the same as for the --install command. Updates downloaded with --download can be subsequently installed with --install, or through the App Store (as long as they remain applicable to your system). Updates are downloaded to /Library/Updates, but are not designed to be installed by double-clicking the packages in that directory: always use --install or the App Store to actually perform the install. --ignore identifier ... Manages the per-machine list of ignored updates. The identifier is the first part of the item name (before the dash and version number) that is shown by --list. See EXAMPLES. --reset-ignored Clears the per-machine list of ignored updates. --schedule on | off Manages the per-machine automatic (background) check preference. -h | --help Print command usage. EXAMPLES
The following examples are shown as given to the shell: softwareupdate --list Software Update Tool Finding available software Software Update found the following new or updated software: * MacBookAirEFIUpdate2.4-2.4 MacBook Air EFI Firmware Update (2.4), 3817K [recommended] [restart] * ProAppsQTCodecs-1.0 ProApps QuickTime codecs (1.0), 968K [recommended] * JavaForOSX-1.0 Java for OS X 2012-005 (1.0), 65288K [recommended] sudo softwareupdate --install JavaForOSX-1.0 Software Update Tool Finding available software Downloading Java for OS X 2012-005 Downloaded Java for OS X 2012-005 Installing Java for OS X 2012-005 Done with Java for OS X 2012-005 Done. sudo softwareupdate --ignore JavaForOSX Ignored updates: (JavaForOSX) sudo softwareupdate --schedule Automatic check is on Mac OS September 11, 2012 Mac OS

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