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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting awk columnwise adjacent match checking program Post 302365954 by vasanth.vadalur on Wednesday 28th of October 2009 11:49:26 AM
Old 10-28-2009
awk columnwise adjacent match checking program


For the below problem, awk script is needed..

input file :

i need to check from first line.
reference is jack. jill need to verified with next line jack. if found print
jill & jack combination hill1 
jack & jill & jill & jack combination hill2
jack&jill&jack combination hill3
jack &jill combination hill1

Thanks in advance

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JACK-STDIN(1)						      General Commands Manual						     JACK-STDIN(1)

jack-stdin - write JACK audio data to stdin SYNOPSIS
jack-stdin [OPTIONS] port1 [ port2 ...] DESCRIPTION
jack-stdin reads raw audio data from standard-input and writes it to a JACK audio port. The number of given ports detemine the number of audio channels that are used. If more than one channel is given, the input audio-sample data needs to be interleaved. OPTIONS
-b, --bitdepth BITS Specify the bit-depth of each sample. For integer-encoding this can be 16 or 24. The default is 16. This setting is only used for integer encoding: Floating-point samples will always be 32 bit wide. -d, --duration SEC Specify the time for which jack-stdin should run in seconds. A value less than 1 means to run indefinitely. The default is 0 which reads until end-of-file. -e, --encoding FORMAT Set the input format of the data: signed-integer, unsigned-integer, floating-point (default: signed) -f, --file FILENAME Read data from given file instead of standard-input. -h, --help Print a brief usage information -p, --prebuffer PERCENT Pre-fill the buffer before starting audio output to JACK (default 50.0%). NOTE: disable pre-buffering (-p 0) or use a small buffer size to play back very short samples. -L, --little-endian The input-data is in little-endian byte-order or native-byte-order float (this is the default) -B, --big-endian Interpret input audio data in big-endian byte-order or swap the byte-order of floating-point. -q, --quiet Inhibit usual output. This affects information and buffer-overflow warnings but not setup-errors. -S, --bufsize SAMPLES Choose the internal buffer-size in samples. The default size is 65536. The given value will be multiplied by the number of channels and bit-depth to get the size of the ring-buffer. Note: the buffersize must be larger than JACK's period size. EXAMPLES
jack-stdout vlc_31994:out_1 vlc_31994:out_2 | sox -t raw -r 48k -e signed -b 16 -c 2 - -t raw -r 48k -e signed -b 16 -c 2 - tremolo 5 100 | ./jack-stdin system:playback_1 system:playback_2 cat /dev/dsp | jack-stdin system:playback_1 system:playback_2 KNOWN ISSUES
jack-stdin is not suitable to play-back files shorter than twice the jack-period size. AUTHOR
Robin Gareus <robin@gareus.org>. SEE ALSO
http://jackaudio.org/, 30 March 2011 JACK-STDIN(1)

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