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Old 10-27-2009
CPU & Memory Linux PHP Executable Output Issue with IE

I have developed a PHP web page that executes a batch file and pipes the output to a file. It works fine when using Firefox, Safari, etc. However, when using IE, it does not work.

$execute = `batch.bat $var1 $var2 | tee /batch.output`;
print "<pre>$execute</pre>";

When the page is run in IE, the batch file is run correctly, the variables are passed to the executable. Even the output is correct on the screen (verified using the <pre>tags). However, the file batch.output is not created when run with IE (but is with other browsers).

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iob_new(3)						     Library Functions Manual							iob_new(3)

iob_new - create new I/O batch SYNTAX
#include <iob.h> io_batch* iob_new(int hint_entries); DESCRIPTION
iob_new creates a new I/O batch with enough space allocated for hint_entries entries (buffers or files). This is purely a performance hint, if you are unsure just pass 1. You can add buffers, strings and files to an I/O batch and then send it all at once using iob_send. The benefit of the I/O batch API is that it exploits platform specific APIs like FreeBSD's sendfile. The file contents will always be sent in a way that allows the operating systems to perform zero copy TCP, and the buffers will always be sent using as few syscalls as possible and avoiding unnecessary copying (using writev). RETURN VALUE
iob_new returns a pointer to an I/O batch data structure. If there was a memory allocation error, it returns NULL instead. SEE ALSO
iob_reset(3), iob_send(3), iob_addbuf(3), iob_adds_free(3), iob_addfile(3) iob_new(3)

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