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Full Discussion: Error with Plink
Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Error with Plink Post 302365100 by plasmalightwave on Monday 26th of October 2009 07:39:11 AM
Old 10-26-2009
Error with Plink

Hello. I have a TCL script that logs in to a server using SSH. As SSH isn't available in windows,I used Plink to do the job.The script works fine on my PC and 2 of my friend's PC.
However, on one PC, I get the following error message:

"'D:\scripts\plink.exe' is not a Win32 Console application."

All the aforementioned machines run Windows XP(32 bit),including the one displaying the error.
plink.exe is present in the directory d:\scripts\. This has been added to the Path variable(in environment varaibles). Also, when I try the plink command in command prompt (plink some_ip_address) I am able to login successfully. Please tell me how to resolve the problem. thanks in advance.

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Please help me Smilie
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GIT-SHELL(1)                                                        Git Manual                                                        GIT-SHELL(1)

git-shell - Restricted login shell for Git-only SSH access SYNOPSIS
chsh -s $(command -v git-shell) <user> git clone <user>@localhost:/path/to/repo.git ssh <user>@localhost DESCRIPTION
This is a login shell for SSH accounts to provide restricted Git access. It permits execution only of server-side Git commands implementing the pull/push functionality, plus custom commands present in a subdirectory named git-shell-commands in the user's home directory. COMMANDS
git shell accepts the following commands after the -c option: git receive-pack <argument>, git upload-pack <argument>, git upload-archive <argument> Call the corresponding server-side command to support the client's git push, git fetch, or git archive --remote request. cvs server Imitate a CVS server. See git-cvsserver(1). If a ~/git-shell-commands directory is present, git shell will also handle other, custom commands by running "git-shell-commands/<command> <arguments>" from the user's home directory. INTERACTIVE USE
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ssh(1), git-daemon(1), contrib/git-shell-commands/README GIT
Part of the git(1) suite Git 2.17.1 10/05/2018 GIT-SHELL(1)

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