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Operating Systems AIX How to set dhcp client by using commands Post 302365054 by bakunin on Sunday 25th of October 2009 03:16:36 PM
Old 10-25-2009
Actually SMIT uses the system commands the same way you do, so chances are if SMIT didn't work for some reason typing the same commands by hand won't work either.

If you want to know which command SMIT uses press <F6> in the respective SMIT panel.

I hope this helps.

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UPSD.USERS(5)							    NUT Manual							     UPSD.USERS(5)

upsd.users - Administrative user definitions for NUT upsd DESCRIPTION
Administrative commands such as setting variables and the instant commands are powerful, and access to them needs to be restricted. This file defines who may access them, and what is available. Each user gets its own section. The fields in that section set the parameters associated with that user's privileges. The section begins with the name of the user in brackets, and continues until the next user name in brackets or EOF. These users are independent of /etc/passwd. Here are some examples to get you started: [admin] password = mypass actions = set actions = fsd instcmds = all [pfy] password = duh instcmds = test.panel.start instcmds = test.panel.stop [monmaster] password = blah upsmon master [monslave] password = abcd upsmon slave FIELDS
password Set the password for this user. actions Allow the user to do certain things with upsd. To specify multiple actions, use multiple instances of the actions field. Valid actions are: SET change the value of certain variables in the UPS FSD set the forced shutdown flag in the UPS. This is equivalent to an "on battery + low battery" situation for the purposes of monitoring. The list of actions is expected to grow in the future. instcmds Let a user initiate specific instant commands. Use "ALL" to grant all commands automatically. To specify multiple commands, use multiple instances of the instcmds field. For the full list of what your UPS supports, use "upscmd -l". The cmdvartab file supplied with the distribution contains a list of most of the known command names. upsmon Add the necessary actions for a upsmon process to work. This is either set to "master" or "slave". Do not attempt to assign actions to upsmon by hand, as you may miss something important. This method of designating a "upsmon user" was created so internal capabilities could be changed later on without breaking existing installations. SEE ALSO
upsd(8), upsd.conf(5) INTERNET RESOURCES
The NUT (Network UPS Tools) home page: Network UPS Tools 05/25/2012 UPSD.USERS(5)

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