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Operating Systems Linux Red Hat how tosetup broadband connection in red hatlinux Post 302364922 by mark54g on Saturday 24th of October 2009 03:09:01 PM
Old 10-24-2009
what card is it that the drivers are not already available? can you do system-config-network?

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PCCARDCTL(8)						      System Manager's Manual						      PCCARDCTL(8)

pccardctl - PCMCIA card control utility lspcmcia - display extended PCMCIA debugging information SYNOPSIS
pccardctl [-V] [-v ...] command [socket] lspcmcia [-V] [-v ...] [socket] DESCRIPTION
pccardctl is used to monitor and control the state of PCMCIA sockets. If a socket number is specified, the command will be applied to just one socket; otherwise, all sockets will be affected. If pccardctl is executed by root, all commands are available. If it is executed by an unpriviledged user, only the informational commands are accessible. lspcmcia is an alias for pccardctl ls, provided for convenience. COMMANDS
status Display the current socket status flags. config Display the socket configuration, including power settings, interrupt and I/O window settings, and configuration registers. --not yet implemented ident Display card identification information, including product identification strings, manufacturer ID codes, and function ID codes. Not yet implemented for cardbus cards. Use lspci instead. info Much like the ident command, but its output is formatted as a series of Bourne-stype shell variable definitions for use in scripts. Not yet implemented for cardbus cards. ls Display extended debugging information about the PCMCIA sockets and devices present in the system. suspend Shut down and then disable power for a socket. resume Restore power to a socket, and re-configure for use. eject Notify all client drivers that this card will be ejected, then cut power to the socket. insert Notify all client drivers that this card has just been inserted. OPTIONS
-V Show version information and exit. -v Increase the verbosity of the ls command. Giving this option twice increases verbosity further. AUTHOR
Daniel Ritz - daniel.ritz@gmx.ch based upon the original cardctl man page by David Hinds - dahinds@users.sourceforge.net pcmciautils 2005/10/22 PCCARDCTL(8)

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