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Full Discussion: File size problem
Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers File size problem Post 302364216 by jgt on Thursday 22nd of October 2009 10:15:11 AM
Old 10-22-2009
When you "delete" a record in cobol, the record is only marked deleted, and bypassed by any subsequent "read" statements.
Write your program as:
select old-master
select new-master.

open input old-master, output new-master.
read old-master at end go to eoj.
if "record not to be deleted"
write new-master-record from old-master-record.
go to loop
close old-master new-master.
stop run.

When you are satisfied with the contents of new-master, delete old-master, and rename new-master to old-master.

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Tk_MaintainGeometry(3)					       Tk Library Procedures					    Tk_MaintainGeometry(3)


Tk_MaintainGeometry, Tk_UnmaintainGeometry - maintain geometry of one window relative to another SYNOPSIS
#include <tk.h> Tk_MaintainGeometry(slave, master, x, y, width, height) Tk_UnmaintainGeometry(slave, master) ARGUMENTS
Tk_Window slave (in) Window whose geometry is to be controlled. Tk_Window master (in) Window relative to which slave's geometry will be controlled. int x (in) Desired x-coordinate of slave in master, measured in pixels from the inside of master's left border to the outside of slave's left border. int y (in) Desired y-coordinate of slave in master, measured in pixels from the inside of master's top border to the outside of slave's top border. int width (in) Desired width for slave, in pixels. int height (in) Desired height for slave, in pixels. _________________________________________________________________ DESCRIPTION
Tk_MaintainGeometry and Tk_UnmaintainGeometry make it easier for geometry managers to deal with slaves whose masters are not their parents. Three problems arise if the master for a slave is not its parent: [1] The x- and y-position of the slave must be translated from the coordinate system of the master to that of the parent before posi- tioning the slave. [2] If the master window, or any of its ancestors up to the slave's parent, is moved, then the slave must be repositioned within its parent in order to maintain the correct position relative to the master. [3] If the master or one of its ancestors is mapped or unmapped, then the slave must be mapped or unmapped to correspond. None of these problems is an issue if the parent and master are the same. For example, if the master or one of its ancestors is unmapped, the slave is automatically removed by the screen by X. Tk_MaintainGeometry deals with these problems for slaves whose masters are not their parents, as well as handling the simpler case of slaves whose masters are their parents. Tk_MaintainGeometry is typically called by a window manager once it has decided where a slave should be positioned relative to its master. Tk_MaintainGeometry translates the coordinates to the coordinate system of slave's parent and then moves and resizes the slave appropriately. Furthermore, it remembers the desired position and creates event handlers to monitor the master and all of its ancestors up to (but not including) the slave's parent. If any of these windows is moved, mapped, or unmapped, the slave will be adjusted so that it is mapped only when the master is mapped and its geometry relative to the master remains as specified by x, y, width, and height. When a window manager relinquishes control over a window, or if it decides that it does not want the window to appear on the screen under any conditions, it calls Tk_UnmaintainGeometry. Tk_UnmaintainGeometry unmaps the window and cancels any previous calls to Tk_MaintainGeom- etry for the master-slave pair, so that the slave's geometry and mapped state are no longer maintained automatically. Tk_UnmaintainGeome- try need not be called by a geometry manager if the slave, the master, or any of the master's ancestors is destroyed: Tk will call it automatically. If Tk_MaintainGeometry is called repeatedly for the same master-slave pair, the information from the most recent call supersedes any older information. If Tk_UnmaintainGeometry is called for a master-slave pair that is is not currently managed, the call has no effect. KEYWORDS
geometry manager, map, master, parent, position, slave, unmap Tk 4.0 Tk_MaintainGeometry(3)

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