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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting execute ftp script until it succeeds Post 302364120 by zaxxon on Thursday 22nd of October 2009 06:52:21 AM
Old 10-22-2009
No matter what happens inside the ftp itself, it will most probably return a RC of 0. So you'll might want to check for the 3-digit ftp codes the client shows when entering ftp commands. I guess there is some -v (verbose) option that turns it on.
With that (there is a missing "done" at the end btw.) you will most probably have an infinity loop.

Also if possible I recommend setting up ssh and the use of scp instead. It is encrypted and when keys are exchanged there will be no need to supply passwords etc.

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ftpgroups(4)						     Kernel Interfaces Manual						      ftpgroups(4)

ftpgroups - group password file for use with the SITE GROUP and SITE GPASS commands. SYNOPSIS
The file is the group password file for use with the SITE GROUP and SITE GPASS commands. To enable the use of this file, the entry must be made in the configuration file This file contains an alphanumeric string, encrypted password, and the actual group name from the file. Each entry is separated by After a user logs in, the SITE GROUP and SITE GPASS commands may be used to specify an enhanced access group and associated password. If the group name and password are valid, the user becomes (via a member of the group specified in the group access file, The format of the group access file is: where access_group_name is an arbitrary (alphanumeric and/or punctuation) string. encrypted_password is the password encrypted via crypt(3), exactly like in real_group_name is the name of a valid group listed in NOTE: For this option to work for anonymous FTP users, the ftp server must keep permanently open and the group access file is loaded into memory. This means that: (1) the ftp server now has an additional file descriptor open, and (2) the necessary passwords and access privileges granted to users via SITE GROUP will be static for the duration of an FTP ses- sion. If you have an urgent need to change the access groups and/or passwords *NOW*, then kill all of the running FTP servers. FILES
was developed by the Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri. SEE ALSO
ftpaccess(4). ftpgroups(4)

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