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Full Discussion: Fusion de 2 fichiers
Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Fusion de 2 fichiers Post 302364086 by Celmar on Thursday 22nd of October 2009 04:33:15 AM
Old 10-22-2009
Fusion de 2 fichiers


je souhaiterais un script bash fusionnant 2 fichiers tout en virant les doublons.
Exemple :

fic1 :

fic2 :

Résultat souhaité, fic 3 :

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DECLAR(3)							 GENPAT functions							 DECLAR(3)

This software belongs to the ALLIANCE CAD SYSTEM developed by the ASIM team at LIP6 laboratory of Universite Pierre et Marie CURIE, in Paris, France. Web : E-mail : SYNOPSYS
DECLAR("ident",":nb_space","format",mode,size,option); PARAMETERS
ident External connector, internal observing points or register's name. For the hierarchical descriptions, the path-name of the inter- nal observing points or registers must be specified by the syntax : . nb_space Specify the number of blank space between each group of value associated to the connectors, signals or registers in the output file. 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 or nothing. format Specify the format that will be used to represent the value associated to the connectors, signals or registers. X for Hexadeci- mal, O for Octal and B for Binary. mode Specify the type of the connectors. IN for Input, OUT for Output, INOUT for Input/Output, SIGNAL for internal observing point, REGISTER for register. IN, OUT, INOUT, SIGNAL, REGISTER are constants (defines) provided by genpat. size Specify the size of the bused connectors : empty ("") for the scalar connectors, "nb1" for the numbered connectors, "nb1 TO nb2" or "(nb1 TO nb2)" (nb1 < nb2), "nb1 DOWNTO nb2" or "(nb1 DOWNTO nb2)" (nb2 < nb1) for the vectors. Where nb1 and nb2 are integer. option Specify options of the connector. "S" for a spied connector, empty ("") for a normal connector. DESCRIPTION
Describes a set of connectors, signals or registers of the same format, size and mode. EXAMPLE
DECLAR("a", ":2", "X", OUT, "3 DOWNTO 0", "S"); describes : a 3, a 2, a 1, a 0 format : Hexadecimal. mode : Output. option : Spied connector. the group is separated of the others with 2 blank spaces. result : out a(3 downto 0) X spy ;;; DECLAR ("toto", ":", "O", INOUT, "7 TO 11", ""); describes : toto 7, toto 8, toto 9, toto 10, toto 11. format : Octal. mode : Input/Output. option : none. the group is separated of the following with 0 blank space. result : inout toto(7 to 11) O ; DECLAR ("ck", ":2", "B", IN, "", ""); describes : ck. format : Binary. mode : Input. option : none. the port is separated of the following with 2 blank spaces. result : in ck ;;; DECLAR ("accu.f", ":", "B", SIGNAL, "", "S"); describes : accu.f . format : Binary. mode : Signal. option : Spied connector. the signal is separated of the following with 0 blank space. result : signal accu.f spy ; DECLAR ("accu.reg", ":1", "B", REGISTER, "(3)", ""); describes : accu.reg . format : Binary. mode : Register. option : none. the signal is separated of the following with 1 blank space. result : register accu.reg(3) ;;;; WARNING
The DECLAR function from the 4.0 release have a new parameter (option). SEE ALSO
ARRAY(3), genpat(1), pat(5) BUG REPORT
This tool is under development at the ASIM department of the LIP6 laboratory. We need your feedback to improve documentation and tools. ASIM
/LIP6 October 1, 1997 DECLAR(3)

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