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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Aplicacion web Post 302363149 by Grobix on Monday 19th of October 2009 02:59:41 PM
Old 10-19-2009
Aplicacion web

Muy buenas;

Os comento mi problema, tengo una pįgina web que se encarga de recibir en un servidor un archivo via ftp y necesito que en el momento que se reciba ese archivo una aplicacion ejecute unos comandos en unix, por lo que he estado leyendo en java es posible hacerlo, pero no soy capaz de hacer funcionarlo con la clase runtime, entonces me gustaria si pudierais guiarme de como hacerlo; y si fuera posible que para que se ejecuten esos comandos haya un boton en la web para iniciarlo, ya que no tendria que analizar la entrada del ftp y solo se ejecute cuando yo quiera que se haga.

Muchas Gracias un saludo

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PS(1)								     wordtrans								     PS(1)

wordtrans - Multi Language Word Translator SYNOPSIS
wordtrans [-v] [--help] [--dicts] [--desc] [-d alias] [+w] [-w] [+c] [-c] [+i] [-i] [+g] [-g] [--info-server] [--info-dict] [--html] [--html-base page] [--html-link-options options] [--conf dir] [--show-charsets] [--charset codec] [--utf8] [--debug] [-l w_lang1 w_lang2] word COMMAND-LINE OPTIONS -v Display the version number. --help Shows a helping message. --debug Shows debugging messages. --dicts Displays all available dictionaries. The info will be quite similar to this: Available dictionaries: ALIAS w c i g FILE d2e + - - - /usr/share/wordtrans/de-es.dict de-en + + + - /usr/share/trans/de-en i2e + - - - /usr/share/i2e/i2e.dict babylon = = = = /usr/share/wordtrans/Engtospa.dic (babylon) hebreo = = = = /mnt/usr/usr/share/wordtrans/Engtoheb.dic (babylon) dict = = = = * (dict) wordnet = = = = wn (dict) The alias will be used to select a dictionary with option -d. File shows the main dictionary. There are four columns showing the default options, in other words, if below w is the + symbol this means that option +w is the default option. If instead there were a - then the default option would be -w. Idem with +c/-c, +i/-i and +g/-g. -d alias Selects the dictionary to use. alias must be one of the shown with option --dicts. It's very important that this option will be the first, because when loading a dictionary its default options will be loaded too. If this option is not used wordtrans will automatically select the default dictionary (the one which is in ~/.wordtrans/preferencias). If the default dictionary couldn't be selected then the first dictionary found will be used. If there's none, wordtrans will exit with an error message. +w Only full words will be searched. If you look for "casa" only the terms which contain the full word casa will be shown but not the ones which contain casarse or escasamente. -w This is the opposite option of +w. +c Case sensitive. -c Not case sensitive. +i Display second language first. -i The opposite of previous option. +g Ignore accented vowels. -g Doesn't ignore accented vowels. --charset codec This specifies the charset that will be used for displaying the messages. By default, it will use an appropriate charset for your locale. You can see all avaiable charsets by using the option --show-charsets. --utf8 The same as --charset UTF-8. --show-charsets Shows all available charsets (which depends on the Qt version you're using). -l word_language1 word_language2 Append a new entry in the selected dictionary composed of the words indicated and exits. If any word has blanks then the word should be between quotation marks. You must introduce the word in the proper order. If the dictionary is English-Spanish then the first word should be the English one followed by the Spanish one. The new translations will be saved in the personal dictionary. word Word or regular expression to look for in the selected dictionary. If the expression contains blanks then it should be between quotation marks. A list will appear with the terms found. New options have been added to be used mainly by the web interface: --desc Shows the description of the selected dictionary (in html). --info-server Shows info of the dict server (only if the selected dictionary is of this kind). Generally it will give you info of the dictionaries available in that server. --info-dict Ask info to the dict server over the selected dictionary. --html Returns a text in HTML format instead of plain text. --html-base page Sets the base page of the web interface. --html-link-options Sets additional options for generated links. --conf dir Directory with the configuration files. This is used in the web interface to read the configuration files from the directory /etc/wordtrans, so wordtrans can be executed as the user nobody. EXAMPLES
wordtrans -d i2e +w -c +i casa The word casa will be searched in the dictionary i2e (English- Spanish), with no case sensitive option, displaying in first place the Spanish words. This is the output: From i2e: lejos de casa --> afield casa vendida por pisos --> condominium casa de huespedes --> guesthouse hacia casa --> homeward casa --> house casa --> household ama de casa --> housekeeper gobierno de la casa --> housekeeping ama de casa --> housewife casa del guarda --> lodge retrete fuera de la casa --> outhouse casa de empenos --> pawnshop wordtrans -d i2e -w +i tecla This will search for the terms which contain the string tecla in the English-Spanish dictionary: From i2e: tecla bloqueo de mayusculas --> caps lock key pulsar (la tecla del raton para marcar) --> click (to -) teclado desmontable --> detachable keyboard tecla de flecha hacia abajo --> down arrow key tecla de funcion --> function key tecla de inicio --> home key disposicion del teclado --> keyboard layout teclado numerico --> keypad teclado numerico --> numeric keyboard tecla bloqueo de desplazamiento de pantalla --> scroll lock key tecla de mayusculas --> shift key tecla de funcion programable --> soft key tecla programable --> soft key tecla de flecha arriba --> up arrow key teclado --> keyboard wordtrans +w -i car This will search in the default dictionary (in this case i2e) the word car, displaying first the English words: From i2e: car --> automovil car --> coche car window --> ventanilla wordtrans -d de-en hello Look for hello in the German-English dictionary: From de-en: hello --> Hallo!, Guten Tag! to say hello (to someone) --> (jemandem) guten Tag sagen wordtrans --debug -d i2e -l fox zorro Tries to append to the English-Spanish dictionary the entry "fox : zorro" (but in this case it fails): Debug: fox - zorro are already in the dictionary Error: can not add new entry to dictionary AUTHOR
Multi Language Word Translator Copyright (C) 2000-2002 Ricardo Villalba <rvm@escomposlinux.org>, under the GPL license. You can download new releases of wordtrans from http://wordtrans.sourceforge.net/ wordtrans February 7, 2001 PS(1)

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