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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Perl Regular Expression Word Search Post 302362924 by xmaverick on Sunday 18th of October 2009 07:51:31 PM
Old 10-18-2009
Perl Regular Expression Word Search

I'm trying to have my perl script telnet into the network device execute a command then dump the output of the command into a variable. The script then greps for the word "STANDBY". I can't seem to get the script to print out the output because it seems that the script can't find the word "STANDBY". I believe this is because i'm not using good regular expression.

#!/usr/bin/perl -w 
use strict; 
use warnings; 
use Net::Telnet; 
my $ip = $ARGV[0]; 
my $pass = "mgcusr"; 
my $pass2 = "S3attl3"; 
my $t=new Net::Telnet(Errmode=>'return',Input_Log => "/tmp/input.log",Timeout=>30); 
 if($t->errmsg) { my $err=$t->errmsg; return $err; } 
 my ($prompt) = $t->waitfor('/login: $/'); 
    if($t->errmsg) { my $err=$t->errmsg; return $err; } 
    my @out=$t->cmd(String=>'rtrv-ne',Prompt=>'/>$/'); 
    my @matches = grep {/[A-Z]BY/} @out;  
    my $line = $matches[0] if @matches or die "can't find parameters specified"; 
    print "$line\n" Image


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Apache2::Command - Perl API for accessing Apache module command information Synopsis use Apache2::Module (); use Apache2::Command (); my $module = Apache2::Module::find_linked_module('mod_perl.c'); for (my $cmd = $module->cmds; $cmd; $cmd = $cmd->next) { $cmd->args_how(); $cmd->errmsg(); $cmd->name(); $cmd->req_override(); } Description "Apache2::Command" provides the Perl API for accessing Apache module command information API
"Apache2::Command" provides the following functions and/or methods: "args_how" What the command expects as arguments: $how = $cmd->args_how(); obj: $cmd ( "Apache2::Command object" ) ret: $how ( "Apache2::Const :cmd_how constant" ) The flag value representing the type of this command (i.e. "Apache2::Const::ITERATE", "Apache2::Const::TAKE2"). since: 2.0.00 "errmsg" Get usage message for that command, in case of syntax errors: $error = $cmd->errmsg(); obj: $cmd ( "Apache2::Command object" ) ret: $error ( string ) The error message since: 2.0.00 "name" Get the name of this command: $name = $cmd->name(); obj: $cmd ( "Apache2::Command object" ) ret: $name ( string ) The command name since: 2.0.00 "next" Get the next command in the chain of commands for this module: $next = $cmd->next(); obj: $cmd ( "Apache2::Command object" ) ret: $next ( "Apache2::Command object" ) Returns the next command in the chain for this module, "undef" for the last command. since: 2.0.00 "req_override" What overrides need to be allowed to enable this command: $override = $cmd->req_override obj: $cmd ( "Apache2::Command object" ) ret: $override ( "Apache2::Const :override constant" ) The bit mask representing the overrides this command is allowed in (i.e "Apache2::Const::OR_ALL"/"Apache2::Const::ACCESS_CONF"). since: 2.0.00 For example: use Apache2::Const -compile => qw(:override); $cmd->req_override() & Apache2::Const::OR_AUTHCFG; $cmd->req_override() & Apache2::Const::OR_LIMIT; See Also mod_perl 2.0 documentation. Copyright mod_perl 2.0 and its core modules are copyrighted under The Apache Software License, Version 2.0. Authors The mod_perl development team and numerous contributors. perl v5.18.2 2install::TempContent::Objects::mod_perl-2.0.9::docs::api::Apache2::Command(3)

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