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Question Help w/ save and executing terminal actions

Hey everyone,

Being new to the deeper levels of OS X and UNIX I am hoping the bright minds on the board could push me in the right direction.

On a daily basis I work as a CG Generalist (creating 3D for film) and I am using a 3th party render engine with my main 3D program (Autodesk Maya) which in order to render needs a license issued.

Normally I would have to go thru the finder to the directory of the render engine and then open the terminal and drag two files into it -
the first file being a UNIX exe (Called licserver "License Server") and the other a .dat file (license.bat) and after pressing return it would issue my license and I can render.

This was okay to do the first 2 times until it got rather teadious and knowing that there is always a smarter way of doing it I looked into issuing the license from within Maya.

The way I imagined doing it would be as following:

In maya I would use it's native language (MEL) to execute a apple script which contained a "do shell script" command that would do what I did manually.

My questions is - is this a feasible way or could I do a "recording" of some sort of what I've been doing in there terminal and save it as a executable file ??

Again as I am new to the unix / Terminal element of os x I am not sure what I am looking for so any help would be greatly appreciated.

If I am not clear about some aspect or you need more information on it just let me know and I will post what you need.

Thanks in advance.

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Jifty::Action::Record::Execute(3pm)			User Contributed Perl Documentation		       Jifty::Action::Record::Execute(3pm)

Jifty::Action::Record::Execute - Simple abstract based for record actions SYNOPSIS
use strict; use warnings; package MyApp::Action::StartEncabulator; use base qw/ MyApp::Action::ExecuteEncabulator /; use Jifty::Param::Schema; use Jifty::Action schema { param cardinal_grammeter_mode => type is 'text', valid_values are qw/ magneto-reluctance capacitive-duractance sinusoidal-depleneration /, is mandatory, ; }; sub take_action { my $self = shift; my $mode = $self->argument_value('cardinal_grammeter_mode'); $self->record->start($mode); $self->result->success('Deluxe Encabulator has started!'); } # Later in your templates: my $encabulator = MyApp::Model::Encabulator->new; $encabulator->load($id); my $startup = Jifty->web->new_action( class => 'StartEncabulator', record => $encabulator, ); Jifty->web->form->start; Jifty->web->out( $startup->form_field('cardinal_grammeter_mode') ); Jifty->web->form->submit( label => _('Start'), submit => $startup, ); Jifty->web->form->end; DESCRIPTION
This action class is a good generic basis for creating custom action classes. It expects a record object to be associated and is (in this way) very similar to Jifty::Action::Record::Delete. You can use Jifty::Param::Schema to add additional form fields to the action and such. METHODS
arguments This is customized so that it expects the "record" argument of all Jifty::Action::Record actions, but also allows for overrides using Jifty::Param::Schema. take_action This overrides the definition in Jifty::Action::Record so that it does absolutely nothing rather than complain. You will probably want to implement your own version that actually does something. SEE ALSO
Jifty::Action, Jifty::Action::Record, Jifty::Record LICENSE
Jifty is Copyright 2005-2010 Best Practical Solutions, LLC. Jifty is distributed under the same terms as Perl itself. perl v5.14.2 2010-12-10 Jifty::Action::Record::Execute(3pm)

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