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Full Discussion: Help need a sample program
Top Forums Programming Help need a sample program Post 302361479 by zius_oram on Tuesday 13th of October 2009 09:58:15 AM
Old 10-13-2009
edit your question..

ask smart questions, i am sure you will get help. be specific
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pam_authenticate(3)					     Library Functions Manual					       pam_authenticate(3)

pam_authenticate - perform authentication within the PAM framework SYNOPSIS
[ flag ... ] file ... [ library ... ] DESCRIPTION
is called to authenticate the current user. The user is usually required to enter a password or similar authentication token depending upon the authentication service configured within the system. In the case of smart card authentication this token would be a (Personal Identification Number). The user in question should have been specified by a prior call to or The following flags may be set in the flags field: Authentication service should not generate any messages The authentication service should return if the user has a null authentication token APPLICATION USAGE
Refer to pam(3) for information on thread-safety of PAM interfaces. NOTES
In the case of authentication failures due to an incorrect username or password, it is the responsibility of the application to retry and to maintain the retry count. An authentication service module may implement an internal retry count and return an error if the module does not want the application to retry. If the PAM framework can not load the authentication module, then it will return This indicates a serious failure and that the application should not attempt to retry the authentication. For security reasons, the location of authentication failures is hidden from the user. Thus, if several authentication services are stacked and a single service fails, requires that the user re-authenticate to all the services. A null authentication token in the authentication database will result in successful authentication unless was specified. In such cases, there will not be any prompting for the user to enter an authentication token. The authentication can be done through a smart card. In this case the user plugs their smart card in the smart card reader and is required to enter their smart card PIN. RETURN VALUES
Upon successful completion, is returned. In addition to the error return values described in pam(3), the following values may be returned: Authentication failure. Can not access authentication data due to insufficient credentials. Underlying authentication service can not retrieve authentication information. User not known to the underlying authentication module. An authentication service has maintained a retry count which has been reached. No further retries should be attempted. SEE ALSO
pam(3), pam_start(3), pam_open_session(3), pam_setcred(3). pam_authenticate(3)

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