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Full Discussion: Erase hard disk
Operating Systems AIX Erase hard disk Post 302361394 by sumathi.k on Tuesday 13th of October 2009 05:56:01 AM
Old 10-13-2009
MySQL Erase hard disk

Hi ...
How to erase bootable hard disk in Pseries...

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hdio(7I)							  Ioctl Requests							  hdio(7I)

hdio - SMD and IPI disk control operations SYNOPSIS
#include <sys/hdio.h> DESCRIPTION
Note - The SMC and IPI drivers have been discontinued. dkio(7I) is now the preferred method for retrieving disk information. The SMD and IPI disk drivers supplied with this release support a set of ioctl(2) requests for diagnostics and bad sector information. Basic to these ioctl() requests are the definitions in <sys/hdio.h>. IOCTLS
HDKIOCGTYPE The argument is a pointer to a hdk_type structure (described below). This ioctl() gets specific information from the hard disk. HDKIOCSTYPE The argument is a pointer to a hdk_type structure (described below). This ioctl() sets specific information about the hard disk. /* * Used for drive info */ struct hdk_type { ushort_t hdkt_hsect; /* hard sector count (read only) */ ushort_t hdkt_promrev; /* prom revision (read only) */ uchar_t hdkt_drtype; /* drive type (ctlr specific) */ uchar_t hdkt_drstat; /* drive status (ctlr specific, ro) */ }; HDKIOCGBAD The argument is a pointer to a hdk_badmap structure (described below). This ioctl() is used to get the bad sector map from the disk. HDKIOCSBAD The argument is a pointer to a hdk_badmap structure (described below). This ioctl() is used to set the bad sector map on the disk. /* * Used for bad sector map */ struct hdk_badmap { caddr_t hdkb_bufaddr; /* address of user's map buffer */ }; HDKIOCGDIAG The argument is a pointer to a hdk_diag structure (described below). This ioctl() gets the most recent command that failed along with the sector and error number from the hard disk. /* * Used for disk diagnostics */ struct hdk_diag { ushort_t hdkd_errcmd; /* most recent command in error */ daddr_t hdkd_errsect; /* most recent sector in error */ uchar_t hdkd_errno; /* most recent error number */ uchar_t hdkd_severe; /* severity of most recent error */ }; SEE ALSO
ioctl(2), dkio(7I) SunOS 5.10 13 Aug 2002 hdio(7I)

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