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Inserting a line when its length is variable

Hi Unix experts

I have simple text files in which the number of lines vary from one file to another. They look like the following:
 34    46 
 76    72
 39    68

I want to grab the first number of the last line of each file (let's say A= 39 in the above example), which is always a multiplication of 3, and insert a new line in the 28th line of another text file with the following format:

0, (A/3) +1, 0, 3,6,9,12,15,...,A

Where A can be a number between 3 and 54, so the number of fields in the line would be variable. Positions of zeros(0) in the line remain fixed. In case of A=39 the line lools like:

0, 14, 0,3,6,9,12,15,18,21,24,27,30,33,36,39

Any help is very much appreciated.

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IO::Async::Protocol::LineStream(3pm)			User Contributed Perl Documentation		      IO::Async::Protocol::LineStream(3pm)

"IO::Async::Protocol::LineStream" - stream-based protocols using lines of text SYNOPSIS
Most likely this class will be subclassed to implement a particular network protocol. package Net::Async::HelloWorld; use strict; use warnings; use base qw( IO::Async::Protocol::LineStream ); sub on_read_line { my $self = shift; my ( $line ) = @_; if( $line =~ m/^HELLO (.*)/ ) { my $name = $1; $self->invoke_event( on_hello => $name ); } } sub send_hello { my $self = shift; my ( $name ) = @_; $self->write_line( "HELLO $name" ); } This small example elides such details as error handling, which a real protocol implementation would be likely to contain. DESCRIPTION
The following events are invoked, either using subclass methods or CODE references in parameters: on_read_line $line Invoked when a new complete line of input is received. PARAMETERS
The following named parameters may be passed to "new" or "configure": on_read_line => CODE CODE reference for the "on_read_line" event. METHODS
$lineprotocol->write_line( $text ) Writes a line of text to the transport stream. The text will have the end-of-line marker appended to it; $text should not end with it. AUTHOR
Paul Evans <> perl v5.14.2 2012-10-24 IO::Async::Protocol::LineStream(3pm)

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