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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting usage of case statement in place of IF elif... Post 302360442 by skmdu on Friday 9th of October 2009 01:56:02 AM
Old 10-09-2009
I think that is the functionality of else-if ladder. It will check the first if condition, if its false goes to next if (elif) condition, if its false next elif condition or if the condition returns true it comes out of whole if.

If all the conditions are getting false then it will execute the else part.

If you want your script to execute all the if conditions use

if ..

for each checking.

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PTHREAD_CONDATTR(3)					     Library Functions Manual					       PTHREAD_CONDATTR(3)

pthread_condattr_init, pthread_condattr_destroy - condition creation attributes SYNOPSIS
#include <pthread.h> int pthread_condattr_init(pthread_condattr_t *attr); int pthread_condattr_destroy(pthread_condattr_t *attr); DESCRIPTION
Condition attributes can be specified at condition creation time, by passing a condition attribute object as second argument to pthread_cond_init(3). Passing NULL is equivalent to passing a condition attribute object with all attributes set to their default values. The LinuxThreads implementation supports no attributes for conditions. The functions on condition attributes are included only for compli- ance with the POSIX standard. pthread_condattr_init initializes the condition attribute object attr and fills it with default values for the attributes. pthread_con- dattr_destroy destroys a condition attribute object, which must not be reused until it is reinitialized. Both functions do nothing in the LinuxThreads implementation. RETURN VALUE
pthread_condattr_init and pthread_condattr_destroy always return 0. AUTHOR
Xavier Leroy <Xavier.Leroy@inria.fr> SEE ALSO
pthread_cond_init(3). LinuxThreads PTHREAD_CONDATTR(3)

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