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Per our forum rules, all threads must have a descriptive subject text. For example, do not post questions with subjects like "Help Me!", "Urgent!!" or "Doubt". Post subjects like "Execution Problems with Cron" or "Help with Backup Shell Script".

The reason for this is that nearly 95% of all visitors to this site come here because they are referred by a search engine. In order for future searches on your post (with answers) to work well, the subject field must be something useful and related to the problem!

In addition, current forum users who are kind enough to answer questions should be able to understand the essence of your query at first glance.

So, as a benefit and courtesy to current and future knowledge seekers, please be careful with your subject text. You might receive a forum infraction if you don't pay attention to this.

Thank you.

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NNSPEW(8)						      System Manager's Manual							 NNSPEW(8)

nnspew - subject database manager (nn) SYNOPSIS
nnspew builds a sorted database of all available subjects in the nn article database for fast access via the nngrab utility. nnspew should be activated regularly to rebuild the subject database, e.g. by cron. For example: 2 6,9,12,15,18,21 * * * root /bin/nice /usr/lib/nn/nnspew Cross posted articles are only represented in the database once, and identical subjects in each group are merged into one to use a minimum of disk space. This saves about 50% of the disk space otherwise required. FILES
$db/subjects subject database SEE ALSO
nn(1), nngrab(1), egrep(1) NOTES
nngrap will use the subject database generated by nnspew independent of its age. Thus, if you stop running nnspew, remember to remove the subjects file as well. BUGS
nnmaster should automatically append new articles to the subject database to keep it up-to-date, and thus require less frequent rebuilding using nnspew. AUTHOR
James A. Woods, NASA Ames Research Center E-mail: jaw@ames.arc.nasa.gov 4th Berkeley Distribution Release 6.6 NNSPEW(8)

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