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Full Discussion: Issues on email delivery
Operating Systems AIX Issues on email delivery Post 302359074 by funksen on Monday 5th of October 2009 06:30:32 PM
Old 10-05-2009
shoudn't it be

instead of

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qmail-local(8)						      System Manager's Manual						    qmail-local(8)

qmail-local - deliver or forward a mail message SYNOPSIS
qmail-local [ -nN ] user homedir local dash ext domain sender defaultdelivery DESCRIPTION
qmail-local reads a mail message and delivers it to user by the procedure described in dot-qmail(5). The message's envelope recipient is local@domain. qmail-local records local@domain in a new Delivered-To header field. If exactly the same Delivered-To: local@domain already appears in the header, qmail-local bounces the message, to prevent mail forwarding loops. The message's envelope sender is sender. qmail-local records sender in a new Return-Path header field. homedir is the user's home directory. It must be an absolute directory name. dash and ext identify the .qmaildashext file used by qmail-local; see dot-qmail(5). Normally dash is either empty or a lone hyphen. If it is empty, qmail-local treats a nonexistent .qmailext the same way as an empty .qmailext: namely, following the delivery instructions in defaultdelivery. The standard input for qmail-local must be a seekable file, so that qmail-local can read it more than once. OPTIONS
-n Instead of reading and delivering the message, print a description of the delivery instructions. -N (Default.) Read and deliver the message. EXIT CODES
0 if the delivery is completely successful; nonzero if any delivery instruction failed. Exit code 111 indicates temporary failure. SEE ALSO
dot-qmail(5), envelopes(5), qmail-command(8), qmail-queue(8), qmail-send(8), qmail-lspawn(8) qmail-local(8)

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