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The password rules are defined by your Unix Admin guys.

Best talk to them. Unless you mean at this forum, in which case you'll get a better answer any time soon!

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LedgerSMB::DBObject::Admin(3pm) 			User Contributed Perl Documentation			   LedgerSMB::DBObject::Admin(3pm)

LedgerSMB::DBObject::Admin - User/group management for LedgerSMB SYNOPSIS
User/group management for LedgerSMB INHERITS
Universal LedgerSMB LedgerSMB::DBObject METHODS
save_user Saves a user optionally with location and contact data. If the password or import hash values is set, will not save contact or address information. This API is not fully documented at this time because it is expected that it will be broken down into more manageable chunks in future versions. Please do not count on the behavior. delete_user($delete_role) Deletes a user specified by $self->{user_id}. if $delete_role is true, deletes the role too. search_users Returns a list of users matching search criteria, and attaches that list to the user_results hash value. Search criteria: username first_name last_name ssn dob Undef matches all values. All matches exact except username which allows for partial matches. list_sessions returns a list of active sessions, when they were last used, and how many discretionary locks they hold. The list is also attached to the active_sessions hash value. No inputs required or used. delete_session Deletes a session identified by the session_id hashref. save_roles Saves the roles assigned to a user. Each role is specified as a hashref true value, where the key is the full name of the role (i.e. starting with lsmb_[dbname]__). get_salutations Returns a list of salutation records from the db for the dropdowns. get_roles Returns a list of role names with the following format: {role => $full_role_name, description => $short_role_name} The short role name is the full role name with the prefix removed (i.e. without the lsmb_[dbname]__ prefix). get_countries Returns a reference to an array of hashrefs including the country data in the db. Sets the same reference to the countries hash value. get_contact_classes Returns a list of hashrefs ({id =>, class =>}) relating to the contact classes. COPYRIGHT
Copyright (c) 2009, the LedgerSMB Core Team. This is licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 2, or at your option any later version. Please see the accompanying License.txt for more information. perl v5.14.2 2012-03-25 LedgerSMB::DBObject::Admin(3pm)

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