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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Make variable length record a fixed length Post 302358467 by jclanc8 on Friday 2nd of October 2009 04:12:12 PM
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awesome, awesome, awesome. Works great.
Thanks so much.SmilieSmilie Smilie
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1. Shell Programming and Scripting

creating a fixed length output from a variable length input

Is there a command that sets a variable length? I have a input of a variable length field but my output for that field needs to be set to 32 char. Is there such a command? I am on a sun box running ksh Thanks (2 Replies)
Discussion started by: r1500
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2. Shell Programming and Scripting

fixed record length

hello! I have a file with fixed record length... format: 123445asdfg 4343777 sfgg I wanna convert it to 123445,asdfg ,4343,777 ,sfgg is there any way to do it? sed/grep/awk?? at the moment I use sed -e 's_ \(\)_,\1_g' but it works only if there are spaces between... (16 Replies)
Discussion started by: george_
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3. UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers

What the command to find out the record length of a fixed length file?

I want to find out the record length of a fixed length file? I forgot the command. Any body know? (9 Replies)
Discussion started by: tranq01
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4. UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers

Convert a tab delimited/variable length file to fixed length file

Hi, all. I need to convert a file tab delimited/variable length file in AIX to a fixed lenght file delimited by spaces. This is the input file: 10200002<tab>US$ COM<tab>16/12/2008<tab>2,3775<tab>2,3783 19300978<tab>EURO<tab>16/12/2008<tab>3,28523<tab>3,28657 And this is the expected... (2 Replies)
Discussion started by: Everton_Silveir
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5. Shell Programming and Scripting

search and replace fixed length record file

Hi I need to be search a file of fixed length records and when I hit a particular record that match a search string, substitute a known position field In the example file below FHEAD000000000120090806143011 THEAD0000000002Y0000000012 P00000000000000001234 TTAIL0000000003... (0 Replies)
Discussion started by: nedkelly007
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6. Shell Programming and Scripting

changing a variable length text to a fixed length

Hi, Can anyone help with a effective solution ? I need to change a variable length text field (between 1 - 18 characters) to a fixed length text of 18 characters with the unused portion, at the end, filled with spaces. The text field is actually field 10 of a .csv file however I could cut... (7 Replies)
Discussion started by: dc18
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7. Shell Programming and Scripting

Add substring in a file containing fixed length record.

I am new to awk and writing a script using awk. I have file containing fixed length records, I wish to extract 2 substring(each substring is padded with zeros on left e.g 000000003623) and add each substring respectively for every record in the file to get total sum of respective substring for all... (5 Replies)
Discussion started by: Devesh5683
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8. Shell Programming and Scripting

Append spaces the rows to make it into a required fixed length file

I want to make a script to read row by row and find its length. If the length is less than my required length then i hav to append spaces to that paritucular row. Each row contains special characters, spaces, etc. For example my file contains , 12345 abcdef 234 abcde 89012 abcdefgh ... (10 Replies)
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9. Shell Programming and Scripting

Make it to fixed length

Hi Team, I have a different length records in my text file.I would like to make all the records with same length. I want to check the maximum lenth and all other records make the same length It's urgent request. Thanks in Advance (2 Replies)
Discussion started by: Anthuvan
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10. Shell Programming and Scripting

Convert variable length record to fixed length

Hi Team, I have an issue to split the file which is having special chracter(German Char) using awk command. I have a different length records in a file. I am separating the files based on the length using awk command. The command is working fine if the record is not having any... (7 Replies)
Discussion started by: Anthuvan
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flaw(7) 						 Miscellaneous Information Manual						   flaw(7)

flaw - a Lua OO management framework for awesome WM widgets DESCRIPTION
flaw stands for Fully Loaded AWesome. It is a LUA object oriented library providing a thin abstraction layer above awesome widgets. It is aimed at being simple and resources efficient. To achieve these goals, flaw provides the following concepts. gadgets To add functionality to awesome widgets, flaw defines gadget objects, which are a wrapper around a widget. All gadgets have proper- ties, events, a refresh mechanism and a data provider (see below). Gadgets can wrap all awesome widget type, namely text boxes, image boxes, graphs or progress bars. flaw provides many gadgets for common system information (like CPU or memory activity). provider flaw tries to minimise system access and data refresh. Since all information do not have the same expiration rate, all gadgets refresh independently. And since some gadgets can share information, all data is provided by providers which can be shared among gadgets. Providers maintain status data from the system and refreshes only when necessary (ie. when the gadget with the shortest refresh rate demands it). events Events are a way for the user to modify the gadget behaviour or properties when some conditions are met. An event is composed of a trigger, which computes the condition, and an action. Event triggers are tested by the providers only when data changes. Both the condition and the action are provided by the user. USAGE
flaw depends on the lua-filesystem package which can be found Once installed, the following statement must be inserted in awesome configuration before any flaw gadget or mechanism is used. require('flaw') Using flaw consists in creating gadgets, passing them parameters to customize their display and events to add some behaviour to them, and then adding them in a wibox like any other awesome widget. flaw and awful gadgets can live together. The complete flaw documentation is available in Luadoc format. Enter the following command to generate it. LUA_PATH="path_toflaw/doclet/html/?;;" luadoc -d html --nofiles *.lua DIAGNOSTICS
flaw tries to recover upon bad invocations. When something wrong occurs, it outputs warning or error messages to stderr (for example, if awesome was started with xsession, output will be found in ~/.xsession-errors ). BUGS
Certainly a lot. AUTHOR
David Soulayrol <david.soulayrol at gmail dot net> SEE ALSO
awesome(1), awesome-client(1), awesomerc(5) FEBRUARY 2009 flaw(7)

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