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Full Discussion: Increase Password length
Operating Systems Linux Red Hat Increase Password length Post 302357738 by nixnoob on Wednesday 30th of September 2009 12:57:43 PM
Old 09-30-2009
Are you trying a standard user account when you make these changes or a root user? In RH some password requirements don't work under root or sudo.

Create a standard user...Set your password minlen to 10...then log in as the user and try changing the password to an 8 character password. It should give an error message.
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SHADOW(5)							File Formats Manual							 SHADOW(5)

shadow - encrypted password file DESCRIPTION
shadow contains the encrypted password information for user's accounts and optional the password aging information. Included is Login name Encrypted password Days since Jan 1, 1970 that password was last changed Days before password may be changed Days after which password must be changed Days before password is to expire that user is warned Days after password expires that account is disabled Days since Jan 1, 1970 that account is disabled A reserved field The password field must be filled. The encryped password consists of 13 to 24 characters from the 64 character alphabet a thru z, A thru Z, 0 thru 9, . and /. Refer to crypt(3) for details on how this string is interpreted. The date of the last password change is given as the number of days since Jan 1, 1970. The password may not be changed again until the proper number of days have passed, and must be changed after the maximum number of days. If the minimum number of days required is greater than the maximum number of day allowed, this password may not be changed by the user. An account is considered to be inactive and is disabled if the password is not changed within the specified number of days after the pass- word expires. An account will also be disabled on the specified day regardless of other password expiration information. This information supercedes any password or password age information present in /etc/passwd. This file must not be readable by regular users if password security is to be maintained. FILES
/etc/passwd - user account information /etc/shadow - encrypted user passwords SEE ALSO
chage(1), login(1), passwd(1), su(1), passwd(5), pwconv(8), pwunconv(8), sulogin(8) AUTHOR
Julianne Frances Haugh ( SHADOW(5)

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