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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting cp -Rp excluding certain files? Post 302356423 by methyl on Friday 25th of September 2009 12:36:35 PM
Old 09-25-2009
It always helps to know what Operating System and shell you are using.
In this case a sample source and destination directory tree would help.
If we assume that the trees do not overlap, the task becomes much easier:
then I'd be inclined to use a combination of "find" and "cpio -pdum" rather than just "cp". See the "man" pages for both "find" and "cpio" for examples. There is much variation across unix and Linux of the exact syntax.

It looks easier to run two separate copies:
1) All files except any ".lproj" .
2) "English.lproj" and "en.lproj" .

As with all bulk file operations rehearse your script on a test tree before mentioning live files. Test thoroughly.

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DH_FIXPERMS(1)							     Debhelper							    DH_FIXPERMS(1)

dh_fixperms - fix permissions of files in package build directories SYNOPSIS
dh_fixperms [debhelperoptions] [-Xitem] DESCRIPTION
dh_fixperms is a debhelper program that is responsible for setting the permissions of files and directories in package build directories to a sane state -- a state that complies with Debian policy. dh_fixperms makes all files in usr/share/doc in the package build directory (excluding files in the examples/ directory) be mode 644. It also changes the permissions of all man pages to mode 644. It removes group and other write permission from all files. It removes execute permissions from any libraries, headers, Perl modules, or desktop files that have it set. It makes all files in the standard bin and sbin directories, usr/games/ and etc/init.d executable (since v4). Finally, it removes the setuid and setgid bits from all files in the package. When the Rules-Requires-Root field has the (effective) value of binary-targets, dh_fixperms will also reset the ownership of all paths to "root:root". OPTIONS
-Xitem, --exclude item Exclude files that contain item anywhere in their filename from having their permissions changed. You may use this option multiple times to build up a list of things to exclude. SEE ALSO
debhelper(7) This program is a part of debhelper. AUTHOR
Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org> 11.1.6ubuntu2 2018-05-10 DH_FIXPERMS(1)

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